this playlist was curated to follow the relationship of percy and annabeth throughout the 'Percy Jackson' book series/franchise.


TLT (the lightning thief) -
1. WTNY- very obvious, the start of the story
2. the outside- i feel like annabeth would relate to this song, also the outside is where percy watched his mom die lol
3. the lucky one- PERCY ASFFFF after they find out he’s the son of poseidon. ALSO “in the angels city” they literally went to LA for the quest. just chefs kiss

SOM (sea of monsters)-
1. untouchable- the start of the whole “omg your pretty” young love. PERCY WOULF DEF SEE ANNABETH LIKE THIS WHEN THEY GO TO CIRCES ISLAND/SALON (also the photo in the notebook 😩😩😩)
2. jump then fall- radiates the whole guinea pig situation
3. today was a fairytale- this LINE SPECIFICALLY, “The crowd cheered. Annabeth planted a kiss on my cheek. The roaring got a lot louder after that.”. this was after they won the chariot race or something.

1. the story of us- DANCE DANCE SCENE THEYRE BOTH AWKWARD poor babies and then annabeth goes missing
2. everything has changed- i think after percy meets aphrodite and sees that she looks like annabeth. yeah 😕
3. i know places- after percy dreams about where annabeth is (holding up the sky LMAO)

BOTL (battle of the labyrinth)-
1. fifteen- mhmm annabeths crush on luke
2. better than revenge- percy feels about luke, how annabeth is with rachel
3. you belong with me- annabeth whenever percy and rachel flirt in the labyrinth
4. wildest dreams- when they dream about each other <3
5. state of grace- mhmm just makes sense
6. sparks fly- yes
7. holy ground- YUPPPPP giving very much them in the labyrinth vibes

TLO (the last olympian)-
1. you are in love- when he sees annabeth and is flustered
2. gorgeous- ^^^^ “Annabeth ran in right behind [Chiron], and I’ll admit my heart did a little relay race in my chest when I saw her. It’s not that she tried to look good.”
3. cruel summer- no explanation needed i think
4. i think he knows- annabeth worried percys knows but he doesn’t because he’s just THAT dense
5. the way i loved you- just the fact that annabeth gets made at percy for not recognizing her feelings for him
6. change- the whole battle vibes
7. only the young- all the kids who died/fought in the battle of manhattan
8. enchanted- the way percy is so protective of annabeth because he’s in love with her reminds me of enchanted for some reason (also so reminiscent of their past during the battle)
9. i wish you would- annabeth being like “i will never make this easy”
10. this love- yeah 😕
11. how you get the girl- YUH
12. new romantics- mhhmmmmm yes

SUMMER BEFORE TLH (the lost hero)
1. wonderland- 😭😭😭😭😭
2. august- couldn’t NOT put it

1. (basically annabeth going through the 5 stages of grief)
2. back to december- percy went missing december 14 (denial)
3. forever and always- anger
4. all you had to do was stay- bargaining
5. last kiss- depression
6. come back…be here- depression
7. treacherous- depression
8. death by a thousand cuts- depression/acceptance
9. cornelia street- acceptance

SON (son of neptune)-
1. right where you left me- when her remembers annabeth 🥺

MOA (mark of athena)-
1. peace-
2. long story short- annabeth telling percy how it was w/o him
3. invisible string- 🥺🥺🥺
4. dress- i don’t think they did it in the stables but….
5. gold rush- honeymoon phase
6. false god- see dress^^

HOH (house of hades)-
1. king of my heart- yup
2. epiphany- 😭
3. miss americana & the heartbreak prince- 🤪
4. dancing with our hands tied- 🙁🥰
5. getaway car- 🤔🤔
6. hoax- SNIAJSJZ
7. call it what you want- “i want to wear his initial around my neck” percabeth asf

BOO (blood of olympus) AND BEYOND
1. ivy
2. new year’s day
3. lover
4. paper rings
5. daylight- “i used to think love was burning red,,, but it’s golden… daylight” yeah 😕🥺🥺
all self-explainable too