Hey hey hey! Here you have some wlw singers that you really should try at least once bc they definitely deserve more recognition (o˘◡˘o) I hope you like it


First songs I heard: Girl i met on the internet, Friday night big screen, Dysmorphia
Fav song: More than a friend

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So we kept in touch cause i wanted to touch her, i got kinda drunk and told her that i liked her

Cassidy King

First songs I heard: Four in the morning, Professional smiler, Safe places
Fav song: Safe places

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He bought you shoes but i tied your laces, he´s in you house but i´m the foundation, why you only love me in safe places?


First songs I heard: Apologize, You, Jealous
Fav song: Naked

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I wanna get under your skin, I wanna see you naked, so baby let me in

Jen Foster

First songs I heard: Didn´t just kiss her, She
Fav Song: Didn´t just kiss her

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She said she only kissed me for the boys attention, she´s triying to blame it on a little too much booze but I can testify she knew what she was doing, It was almost like she´s done it all before


First songs I heard: Cute bitch, Trust Issues, Blush
Fav Song: Oxytocin

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I dont need to know your exes, just what they had between their legs and I dont need no explanation, just your sexual orientation

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