a short playlist of my favorite kpop bsides!

Image by Private User archive, 90s, and aesthetic image
blue orangeade ... txt
accessories, beige, and fashion image pottery image
don't listen in secret ... seventeen
fairy, art, and icon image h image
got it ... the boyz
aesthetic, anime, and anime girl image fashion, corset, and goth image
insanity ... the boyz
green, interior, and los angeles image flowers, nature, and colorful image
melting heart ... the boyz
aesthetic, grunge, and twinky image pink, aesthetic, and heart image
say yes ... seventeen
anime girl, art, and hentai image art, illustration, and cute image
summer time ... the boyz
drink, japan, and kawaii image rainbowcore and kidcore image
day 1 ... red velvet
manga image icon and gradient image
she's dreaming ... exo
90s, archive, and black image aesthetic, eyes, and alternative image
feel good ... aseul (red velvet)
living room image decor, home, and home decor image
make me go ... twice
archive image cottagecore and mushroom image
shadow ... twice
aesthetic, care bears, and grunge image archive, fashion, and krp image
the paradise ... weki meki
Image by Private User Image by Private User
diamond ... aseul (red velvet)
aesthetic, alternative, and grunge image cute icon discord image
show! show! show! ... snsd
aesthetic, blue, and alternative image snoopy and green image
blue lemonade ... red velvet
angel, kawaii, and lolita image pink, aesthetic, and heart image
no big deal ... elris
cyber image butterfly and blue image
nonstop ... nct 127