Hello Girls

This is me trying my best to develop my confidence, to get out of my bubble of sadness and giving up

This last month was really rough especially on my self-esteem
So I wanted to spend at least these 30 days doing all the stuff that I like and love and want to, its like happiness 30 days or working on myself 30 days

here I am writing down what a perfect day would look like depending on my goals and aspires, and I would follow this routine for the next 30 days except for Fridays

before I state down the things I want to do, here are my top goals or top priorities for now :

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  • coding (learning the basics of python and developing my projects using js)
  • getting better at French
  • develop good Muslim habits
  • learn how to cook
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Let's go


1- waking at 4:30 am to pray and then sleep
2- waking at 7 am (and sleeping at 12 pm)
3- no checking or scrolling through social media and putting really good songs on
4- prepare coffee (and it would be better to prepare some milk to higher my calcium intake) and my breakfast
5- read a book (an Islamic book about all the values and the right things) (for 30min)
6- do some cleaning of the house and cook something with the help of my mother or sister

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1- watch 1h of a python course and do some coding using it (for 30min -45min)
2- work on one project using js (1h)
3- chat with some people in social media using vocals (french)

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1- working out ( 6 pm -7 pm)
2- speak french from 7 pm to7:30pm, maybe filming a video
3- french time ( I will make a plan of things I need to get better at)
4- memorize one surah
5- chat with some people in social media using vocals (french)
6- write something or journal
7- read a book (non-Islamic)

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Besides, when I have free time I will make sure to do the following things(just to not get bored):

  • watch french content
  • dance to different types of songs
  • draw
  • learn a new favorite song
  • watch a documentary (it's better if its a medical documentary)
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and yeah without forgetting self-care, cold showers, putting on some makeup, trying different hairstyles, wearing cool outfits...so on and so forth