Many Celebrities are lucky in terms of wealth but happiness is a question.

Let us first define happiness before questioning whether or not celebrities are happy. Is it possible to be happy? if you or i feel wonderful everyday mall shopping, talking with my best friend, we go to a restaurant for dinner or watching movies, we are planning our travel, swimming for the next summer. I should be a happy person? Happiness is a feeling of positive vibration or emotion inside our minds.

Happiness is defined as a deep sense of contentment. A positive approach. Positivity is a state of mind. A person who possesses these attributes is content at all times of the day.

So, what about celebrities? They have a name, a reputation, and a lot of money. They can buy whatever they want, Many celebrities can make millions of dollars in years. Most of the time, their name is shown around in the media. The whole public eagerly awaits any post about them on social media. Celebrities have been born with a silver spoon in their hands made of gold. So they must be delighted!

But, No, the majority of them are not happy. Most of them are obsessed to what they are and will trash any advice or public opinion regarding their unusual wrongdoings or actions that create enemies and haters.

Now, these haters become their nightmare of depression especially those special adoring fans who become haters.

That is just one mention, there are some celebs who sell their soul to a person expecting a problem will be solved or there will be paradise afterward but nothing. The attack of media almost every day or those who create disgusting stories or news against a celebrity. And mostly the lack of passion in life, the wrong decision related to emotion, and lastly being a victim of an emotional scam.

Many of them are not only feeling frustrated but also lack of motivation to everyday life. They occasionally feel hate for themselves, They are also devoid of a true sense of peace. Rather, their lives and brains are frequently rife with instability. They are occasionally so unsatisfied with their own lives that they yearn to flee from it. They are unable to do so, and as a result, many of them take substances that get them away from their realities temporarily.

Money does have a role in happiness, but only to a certain level. If you are unhappy with yourself, fame has no special effect on your happiness. Whatever the world says, one will never be happy unless you choose the right direction of your life, This is true also whether you are a celebrity or not.

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