Hello hearters, we all know that tv shows are big part of our lives and i would say to our personalities too,because we memorize and adopt the personalities that we feel we are like them or we want to be like them.Also, in some cases ,we can change ompinions about something that we thought that was not right if we get to watch it in a social show.

So these are the TV shows that i have watched:

glee image
1)Glee Glee is a musical/drama/social/comedy show that shows the realitiy of young ambition people with big dreams .If you love music and art you should defenitaly watch it.
blair waldorf, blake lively, and gossip girl image gossip girl, gg, and chuck bass image
2)Gossip girl Gossip girl is all about the glam of late00's with the IT girl and her rich friends who belong to the elite of NY.Fashion ,secrets that come out and all the hot stuff of that era is in that show.loves it
Image removed friends image
3)Friends Friends is the life of six yong people who live in NY and they get through everything together as a family.
serie, billie lourd, and abigail breslin image icons, serie, and girls image
4)Scream Queens Scream queens is about some spoiled gilrs in college that are chased by someone who hates them because they are mean people but also waants to take revenge from this sisterhood.For me it is a black comedy/horror show.
gif, paul wesley, and elena gilbert image the vampire diaries image
5)The vampire diaries The show that is well known to everyone about the love triangle between two brothers and a girl who cannot decide.But ,tvd has so much more action ,friendship ,adventure is very good show.
The Originals image gif, joseph morgan, and klaus mikaelson image
6)The originals This show can show you that family has big impact to yor personality and that family is power.If you love Klaus from tvd then The originals is a must for you.
riverdale, cole sprouse, and lili reinhart image riverdale, serpents, and cole sprouse image
7)Riverdale Highschool students come to face mysteries about crimes and they end up to solve them after they have to get through many obstacles like heartbreaks ,family drama and relationships problems.

To sum up, i love all these shows above and if you have not watched them or looking for a show to watch ,i totally recommend them.
Xoxo K