Hogwarts House:

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Those who cast a weasel are as playful and mischievous as anyone would expect. Many of these witches and wizards are spontaneous and quick to make decisions without taking much thought on the consequences. This means they can bite off more than they can chew and get in way over their heads. In the long run, they rely on luck more often than not to keep them out of trouble.


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Chestnut wood with a phoenix feather core, 11 ยพ" and quite bendy flexibility

Favorite subject

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bubblegum, flowers, salty ocean and butter

Favorite book

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Prisoner of Azkaban

Favorite Movie

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Goblet of Fire

Least favorite movie

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Chamber of secrets

Favorite female character

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Hermione Granger

Favorite male character

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Fred & George

Least favorite female

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Dolores Umbridge

Least favorite male

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Cormac McLaggen

Quidditch position

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I will be watching quidditch matches though

Favorite spell

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apparevestigium; tracker

Favorite professor

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Minerva McGonagall.


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White Crookshanks

Favorite magical creature

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Saddest moment

harry potter, dobby, and dobby death image death, dobby, and harry potter image dead, death, and sirius black image death, sirius black, and best character image
Dobby and Sirius death

Elder wand, resurrection stone or cloak of invisibility

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cloak of invisibility

Favorite place

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astronomy tower