Chapter 2:

And so I packed up my things and went on a journey. I was wandering around the Graceworth Forest practically not knowing where am I because I don't know how to use a map. Then I found myself staring at the mushroom man.
"Where are you going, miss?" He asked.
I told him I need to find a way to the Whispering Woods, but he didn't answer. He glanced at me like I'm some kind of an idiot which I obviously am. After all, I can't use a map even though I learned how to use it when I was little. But then out of nowhere a dwarf with a long white beard, glasses, tiny eyes, and a stick on his head said:
" I can tell you how to come to the Whispering Woods. Follow the path, then turn right and then you'll see a goblin who will tell you where to go. But be careful. If you see the old Bubak, do not help him if he cries." The old dwarf said.
" Who's Bubak, Sir?" I asked.
" Bubak is a dead farmer that cries every night, just like a newborn baby, to lure its victims to their deaths."
After he described Bubak, the courage I had left and I was so scared I decided to stay where I was until my courage comes back. It was night and I fell asleep. I had a dream about talking or praying to some kind of a tree. It was night, but I could still see that the tree had a face and hands. I woke up. Even though I had no courage, I knew I had to rescue the queen and the Graceworth Forest. Like the old dwarf said I followed the path. I was passing by the cornfield until I heard crying. It was so sad, I had to check who was crying. I knew what the old dwarf said about crying and Bubak, but I couldn't help it. Even though I knew it was wrong I felt like someone is pulling me into the field and I couldn't get out. And then, I saw Bubak. The skeleton with a hat and the old brown coat. I was scared. I tried to protect myself with my powers but they wouldn't work. There was another fairy. She was older, in a victorian dress and old wings. Her skin was grey and her hair was purple and full of flowers. She said something in Latin to distract him. I was finally free, when he looked at me I blinded him with light. He growled like a monster. Fairy in a victorian dress and I finally escaped.