Dear Reader,
These aren't the official sleepover rules. This is a bucket list of what I wanna do with my friends. Feel free to copy it!

4:00 PM - pick the movie and get snacks

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We're gonna research what to see beforehand so we aren't sitting on the couch for an hour looking for something. Also, y'all can get cookies, starbucks, chips, before arriving at my house.

4:10 PM - popcorn!

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Time to start popping the popcorn (or chips). When it's done, pour it in a big bowl to share. My friends will probably get their own cups to put it in.

4:15 PM - change

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TO DO List:
- oversized t-shirt
- tank top
- blankets, blankets, blankets
- socks/slides
- pillows
- bonnet
- charge phone during movie

4:30 - start movie

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After all this prepping, we're ready to relax and watch that movie. In my opinion, talking during a movie is fine but don't watch tiktok on your phone.

6/7 - go for a walk

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Most movies are 1.5-2 hours long. That's a long time to be sitting down. We should go outside and walk around. It won't be pitch black. You can still walk outside for a while.

6:30/7 - come back home

The "movie" is over so now it's just night :b. Go home or have a sleepover.

edit: finally added pictures