Hello everyone! I'm going to rank every song off of Fearless (Taylor's Version) and I'm going to try to choose my favorite lyrics/the ones I can relate to the most. This ranking's constantly changing, it depends on my mood but this is what it roughly looks like. I'm planning on doing this for every album. Let's start!

26- Come In With The Rain

rain, photography, and nature image girl, rain, and umbrella image

"And I know all the steps up to your door but I don't wanna go there anymore"
"I'll leave my window open 'cause I'm too tired at night to call your name"

25- The Other Side Of The Door

Temporarily removed door and white image

"With your face and the beautiful eyes and the conversation with the little white lies and the faded picture of a beautiful night"

24- That's When (feat. Keith Urban)

nature, green, and style image Taylor Swift image

"You watched me go and I knew my words were hard to hear and harder to ever take back"

23- Untouchable

stars, landscape, and nature image night, girl, and light image

"And when you're close, I feel like coming undone"

22- Tell Me Why

book, diary, and flowers image pink, heart, and hand image

"You tell me that you love me, then you cut me down and I need you like a heartbeat"

21- You're Not Sorry

girl and sad image secrets and word image

"And you got your share of secrets and I'm tired of being last to know and now you're asking me to listen cause it's worked each time before"

20- We Were Happy

circus and vintage image barn, country, and light image

"No one could touch the way we laughed in the dark talkin' 'bout your daddy's farm we were gonna buy someday"
"Oh, I hate those voices tellin' me I'm not in love anymore"

19- The Way I Loved You

rain, girl, and aesthetic image black and white, restaurant, and hand kissing image

"And you were wild and crazy just so frustrating, intoxicating, complicated. Got away by some mistake and now"

18- Mr. Perfectly Fine

aesthetic and suit image Temporarily removed

"And I never got past what you put me through but it's wonderful to see that it never phased you"

17- You All Over Me (feat. Marren Morris)

Taylor Swift, maren morris, and Reputation image green and summer image

"With your hands in your pockets and your 'don't you wish you had me grin"
"And I watched a part of myself die cause no amount of freedom gets you clean I've still got you all over me"

16- Forever & Always

vintage, brown, and phone image Joe Jonas and Taylor Swift image

"Oh, and it rains in your bedroom, everything is wrong"

15- You Belong With Me

fearless, Taylor Swift, and you belong with me image Image by โœจAngeliki ~ The MoonlightBaeโœจ

"Dreaming about the day when you wake up and find that what you're looking for has been here the whole time"

14- White Horse

horse, white, and animal image Image by โœจAngeliki ~ The MoonlightBaeโœจ

"This is a big world, that was a small town there in my rear-view mirror disappearing now"

13- Breathe (feat. Colbie Caillat)

Taylor Swift, water, and breathe image Image by ๐™ฑ๐šŠ๐š‹๐šŽ

"Never wanted this, never wanna see you hurt, every little bump in the road I tried to swerve"

12- Jump Then Fall

Temporarily removed hearts, love, and fall in love image

"Every time you smile, I smile and every time you shine, I shine"

11- Superstar

aesthetic, black and white, and crowd image Temporarily removed

"I'm no one special, just another wide-eyed girl who's desperately in love with you"

10- Don't You

girl, city, and light image guy, sneakers, and street image

"Don't you say you've missed me if you don't want me again, you don't know how much I feel I love you still"

9- The Best Day

Taylor Swift image celebrity, swiftie, and country image

"And now I know why all the trees change in the fall, I know you were on my side even when I was wrong and I love you for giving me your eyes staying back and watching me shine"

8- Hey Stephen

Temporarily removed love, couple, and boy image

"Hey Stephen, I could give you 50 reasons why I should be the one you choose: all those other girls, well, they're beautiful but would they write a song for you?"

7- Love Story

Taylor Swift image italy, aesthetic, and architecture image

"He knelt to the ground and pulled out a ring and said: marry me, Juliet, you'll never have to be alone"

6- Fifteen

Taylor Swift image Image by hellokio

"I've found time can heal most anything and you just might find who you're supposed to be. I didn't know who I was supposed to be at fifteen"

5- Forever & Always (Piano Version)

phone, pink, and vintage image piano, aesthetic, and music image

"And I stare at the phone, he still hasn't called and then you feel so low you can't feel nothing at all"

4- Today Was A Fairytale

Taylor Swift, dress, and our song image boy, perfect, and handsome image

"Can you feel this magic in the air? It must have been the way you kissed me, fell in love when I saw you standing there"

3- Change

Temporarily removed Temporarily removed

"And the battle was long, it's the fight of our lives but we'll stand up champions tonight"

2- Bye Bye Baby

rain, car, and grunge image books, cd, and music image

"I'm driving away and I, I guess you could say this is the last time I'll drive this way again"
"The picture frame is empty on the dresser, vacant just like me"

1- Fearless

aesthetic, boots, and gryffindor image Image by my

"You put your eyes on me. In this moment now capture it, remember it"
"My hands shake I'm not usually this way but you pull me in and I'm a little more brave. It's the first kiss, it's flawless, really something, it's fearless"

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