This is ice cream coffee.

I sometimes drink coffee. But I'm not trying to enjoy this. Because whatever it is, it's not good if it's too much.

When I drink coffee, I usually drink it in the morning or at lunch time. Because, at that time, it is appropriate.

I think black is the best coffee. Time from 12:00 to 14:00 PM

It's best not to drink coffee, cigarettes, alcohol, drugs, etc. However, in life, unexpected things and inevitable things often happen. So I think I'm also doing it because I need it after all.

I don't smoke or do drugs.

Another example of this is that if there is a sudden thunderstorm or power outage around, it is also necessary, so consider it a phenomenon that happened.

You don't have to do anything at a time like this. And you don't have to stay hard.

The current world is not easy to succeed unless you are bad guys, so whatever you do, it's easy, unfair, and absurd. In addition, the public is always crazy about trash, spending it. Of course, they'll all go under before long.

Whatever happens, let's have a cup of coffee and wait for news. It's not too soon.