Hi beautiful !This time i have for you the aestetic of some of my favourite Taylor's music videos that i love. Here , I am going to try to make you have the same feeling that you have when you watching the music videos while you scrolling down...So ,here it is:

flowers, palace, and princess image background, beautiful, and beauty image aesthetic, faceless, and tie image animal, animals, and beauty image castle, emma, and pride and prejudice image dress, blonde, and chic image rose, red, and flowers image Image by 𝑅𝑜𝓈𝑒-𝒶𝓃𝓃𝑒❁۪۪
Blanck space:
carretera, fall, and tumblr image car, vehicle, and rose gold image Image by Brutal Fantasy black, but, and forgetting image Image by Ocean 🌊
aesthetic, forest, and green image wolf, animal, and white image forest, snow, and tree image hire a hacker image Image removed necklace, silver, and one direction image
Out of the woods:
couple, lovers, and photography image africa, animals, and cat image Masai Mara, nairobi, and day trip image Masai Mara, nairobi, and safari image divas, hollywood, and old style image b&w, premiere, and old hollywood image
Wildest dreams:
book, red, and aesthetic image ball gown, dance, and drama image girl, princess, and dress image flowers image princess, castle, and dress image Temporarily removed
Love Story:
Well ,that was nice I hope you like it guys as much i di like to make aesthetics ! Also , check this out!