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sorry in advance for mentioning måneskin like hundred times in this article. i'm just really obsessed with them and can't help it lol. actually probably i'm not obsessed, i'm addicted to them haha

what were you doing before this?
food, croissant, and yummy image coffee, drink, and food image
i was eating breakfast
what is your current obsession?
maneskin, damiano david, and ethan torchio image maneskin, victoria de angelis, and damiano david image
what is a hobby you will never give up?
art, painting, and artist image acoustic, bed, and beige image
drawing and playing guitar
what is something you first notice about someone when you first meet them?
black boots, black cardigan, and trench coat image style, fashion, and vintage image
their style
how would you define yourself in three words?
food, dinner, and girl image Image by O H H O N E Y
kind, perfectionist, intuitive
what makes you feel the angriest?
skin, aesthetic, and eyes image lgbt and love image
injustice, inequality
what movie could you watch over and over again?

i guess nearly every film i have ever seen? that is a lame answer but yeah i like rewatchings things since i get so emotionally attached to them.

what does your name mean?
fashion, white, and aesthetic image Image by imathea
pure, holy
what is your eye colour?
eye, aesthetic, and eyes image girl, aesthetic, and eyes image
what is your hair colour?
hair, flowers, and hairstyle image hair, girl, and style image
brown also heheh
zodiac sign?
pisces image astrology, pisces, and aesthetic image
do you speak any foreign languages?
Image removed soul, quotes, and words image
yes! english, french, also understand a bit of russian (and can say a few phrases). also learning spanish and italian on duolingo lol
favourite thing about yourself?
alternative, friendship, and europe image Image by ✰ tt: @lovelychaos
probably kindness
least favorite thing about yourself?
animal, pet, and bedroom image diamond, autumn fall winter, and accessories sunglasses image
that i'm a perfectionist, also really jealous and that i get easily offended
what is your favorite colour?
green, car, and aesthetic image green, ice cream, and aesthetic image
sage green
what is your least favorite colour?
art, barbie, and forgive image ariana grande, dangerous woman, and ariana image
hot pink
what is your favorite animal?
dog, aesthetic, and animal image dog and love image
when do you feel most beautiful?
aesthetic, food, and summer image bed, aesthetic, and girl image
when i’m confident and happy
if you could play one instrument which one would it be?
lexi jayde image electric guitar, music, and playing guitar image
i’m already playing a classical guitar, so if i have to choose one more instrument i probably would pick an electric guitar or bass.
if you had a tattoo what would it be?
tattoo, ink, and body image angel, art, and beauty image
something minimalistic and meaningful to me, probably some kind of sentence
what's a must-have clothing item everyone should have?
fashion image fashion, style, and outfit image
a white shirt
what are you currently reading?
quotes, anne frank, and people image anne frank, history, and museu image
the diary of a young girl by anne frank
what's one city you've always dreamed of visiting?
aesthetic, architecture, and italy image aesthetic, rome, and travel image
rome. i spent my whole last summer in italy and visited so many cities, however didn't go to rome, so i would love to go there
if you could go to any concert which one would it be?
maneskin image italy, maneskin, and eurovision image
Harry Styles and beauty papers image Harry Styles, beauty papers, and fine line image
harry styles
what tv shows are you currently watching?
gilmore girls and quotes image Image removed
gilmore girls
what is your favourite movie?

sorry but i can't choose just one

what's your favourite book?
80s, aesthetic, and oliver image quotes image
call me by your name by andré aciman
what’s your favorite flower?
flowers, white, and bouquet image aesthetic, romantic, and flowers image
a book you plan on reading?
art, painting, and aesthetic image book, oscar wilde, and vintage image
the picture of dorian gray by oscar wilde
a movie that makes you cry every time?
call me by your name, timothee chalamet, and elio image armie hammer, call me by your name, and timothee chalamet image
call my by your name by luca guadagnino
movie and last christmas image comedy, scene, and film image
last christmas by paul feig
favorite sound?
rain, window, and aesthetic image book, aesthetic, and coffee image
the sound of rain
favorite smell?
aesthetic, boy, and city image aesthetic, couple, and city image
the smell of summer night or the smell after rain
favorite holiday?
aesthetic, minimalism, and christmas image christmas, home, and winter image
favorite male singer?
artist, Tattoos, and maneskin image band, maneskin, and italian image
damiano david
babe, Harry Styles, and boys image Harry Styles image
harry styles
niall horan image niall horan and one direction image
niall horan
favorite female singer?
alternative, Amy Winehouse, and girl image Amy Winehouse image
amy winehouse
favorite thing to wear?
fashion, outfit, and jeans image Image removed
what’s your favorite band?
maneskin image band, ethan, and italy image
one direction, niall horan, and Harry Styles image one direction, Harry Styles, and zayn malik image
one direction
favorite actresses?
julia roberts, 90s, and actress image julia roberts and pretty woman image
julia roberts
favorite actors?
timothee chalamet, boy, and actor image aesthetic, Hot, and movie image
timotheé chalamet
johnny depp, young, and Hot image Inspiring Image on We Heart It
johnny depp
what is your favorite thing to eat?
pasta, food, and pizza image healthy and pasta image
what was your favorite movie when you were young?
disney, pixar, and ratatouille image disney, pixar, and ratatouille image
la ratatouille
a song you’re obsessed with right now?
maneskin image band, maneskin, and esc image
vent’anni by måneskin
what is the cutest thing on planet earth?
dog, animal, and cute image dining, puppy, and summer image
my dog hahah (it's not him in these pics but believe me - he's the cutest little guy ever)
go-to lipstick colour?
girl, people, and red image body, girl, and outfit image
if you could do one sport very good, which one would it be?
ballet, танец, and dance image ballet, vaganova ballet academy, and barre work image
if you could raid one person's closet, who's would it be?
maneskin image maneskin image
anybody’s from måneskin lol style icons <33
who is your celebrity crush?
eurovision, maneskin, and damiano david image maneskin, eurovision, and damiano david image
damiano david
ethan torchio image archive, ethan, and italy image
ethan torchio
ethan, italy, and rock band image black and white, paris, and photo shoot image
thomas raggi
rock, stylé, and maneskin image victoria and victoria de angelis image
victoria de angelis
aron piper, elite, and icon image actor, Calvin Klein, and aron piper image
arón piper
Harry Styles, one direction, and harry image rolling stone and Harry Styles image
harry styles
aesthetic, aesthetics, and vis a vis image aesthetic, aesthetics, and beautiful image
georgina amorós
Image by ✿.。.:* ☆:**:. 𝒫𝒶𝓉𝓇𝒾 .:**:.☆*.:。.✿ alice pagani image
alice pagani
must have beauty product?
red, makeup, and eyes image makeup, gucci, and mascara image
cooking or baking?
food, cooking, and pasta image food, strawberry, and cake image
on a scale from 1-10 how excited are you about your life right now?
nature, aesthetic, and summer image coat, fashion, and girl image
best way to distress?
baking, aesthetic, and fall image drink, aesthetic, and bath image
cooking/baking, listening to favorite music, having a bubble bath, watching films, cleaning
one thing you cannot live without?
aesthetic, vintage, and vinyl image aesthetic, music, and vintage image
if you could have any superpower, which one would you pick?
angel, girl, and wings image love, aesthetic, and couple image
maybe ability to fly
what show would you want to be a character of?
elite, lucrecia montesinos, and cayetana grajera image elite, samuel, and netflix image
where do you want to be in 10 years from now?
Temporarily removed amazing, fashionable, and background image
either where i am now (my hometown) or somewhere in a foreign city. maybe somewhere in france, italy, spain, germany, austria (yeah i could go on and on for minutes haha) so yeah probably somewhere in europe.
sweet or savory?
food, sweet, and yummy image food, pizza, and delicious image
it depends, so both
leather or lace?
Image by Fashion_S Image by Kally
i'd say both
window or aisle seat?
travel, sky, and view image travel, aesthetic, and airplane image
window 100%
introvert or extrovert?
breakfast, girl, and morning image friends, danish, and happy image
introvert but i love spending time with people i love

summer or winter?

car, couple, and rich image dinner, gathering, and italy image
love both but atm i’ll probably choose summer
cats or dogs?
aesthetic, animals, and dog image animal, cutie, and puppy image
romance or comedy?
call me by your name, love, and armie hammer image chic, girl, and travel image
angels or demons?
aesthetic, life, and photography image angel, red, and aesthetic image
can i say both once more?


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