Caramel macchiato~

14 oz reduced fat or whole milk
2 tbsp. vanilla syrup
2 oz espresso
caramel sauce, to drizzle

1. Prepare the espresso using a macchinetta or espresso machine. (You may use a very strong regular coffee, but you'll need to double the amount: use 4 oz instead of 2).

2. While the espresso is being made, warm up the milk. Froth the milk using milk frother. If you don't have milk frother, you can use a regular whisk instead. (Just whisk the milk until foam forms).

3. Pour the espresso into a measuring cup.

4. Add vanilla and milk to the cup. Then, pour the espresso on top of the frothy milk creating a "mark" on the foam. (Macchiato means "marked" in Italian).

5. And the last step is to drizzle the caramel on top. At Starbucks, we make two circles around the edges of the cup and then we make a grate pattern in the middle.

Whoa-la! A Grande Starbucks Caramel Macchiato is ready! The only difference between this Caramel Macchiato and a store-bought one is that I am missing my name on the cup. 🙂