hi! me again.

In these couple of months i try this products so i can say that works for me and other friends but i have to say this before recommend something.

my type of skin is a combiniation skin my t-zone is oily and the rest of my face dry and then my skin is sensitive lol im done hhahaha.

good molecules niacinamide serum

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omg my fav! is soooo good much better than the ordinary more light and a must if you want to try something of this brand.

avene cleanance hydra

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if you are starting with niacinamide, retinol, vitamin c or products maybe hard for the skin this cream is perfect for redness or dryness that may come out, even makeup artists recommend it, which I try it and yess.

loreal pure clay mask detox mask

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one of my favorite clay masks is exactly this, it doesn't overly dry my face and my blackheads have been reduced

in the end this is my opinion and it may not work for you because each skin is different but these products I have tried a lot and even bought back

tky for reading <3.

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