Strangers On A Plane
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We each put one headphone in-
On opposing sides.
It's an invitation to speak
That both of us are too scared to take,
Even though we both know perfectly well that
No one our age spends the entirety
Of a two hour flight with one headphone in.

The politeness of limbs,
The urge to move a bit further than you 'meant' to...
Becomes a sort of dance.
Your partner is a boy you'll never meet again.

The closing of eyes becomes a form of permission.
It says: It’s okay, you can look...
In fact... I want you to

I notice his knees are touching the back of the chair in front of him-
I curl up into a ball.
My brother always hated not having enough room on the plane,
And I smile a small little smile when his right knee swings into the space I've left.

I lean towards him.
I’m trying to decide whether or not I should fake falling asleep on his shoulder.
He holds very, very still.
He doesn't move again until I shift back to the center of my seat.
He leans forward and I study the way his hair curls at the nape of his neck.
His back is so broad,
His breathing so shallow,
I wonder why-
I wonder what his life is like.

We show each other things-
Though we’re pretending we’re not.
I watch him play toon blast,
It's the only game he has that doesn't need wifi.
I start to feel like he’s doing things to make me laugh.
I no longer hide it when I do.

I drift off in a daydream that is permitted
By the fact that my feet are quite literally not on the ground,
And as the plane lands our elbows press together on the armrest.

For once, I am in no rush to get off this plane.

This minute or so of elbow to forearm-
This is the farthest we'll go

When I get off the plane
All of his friends turn to watch me go.
We make eye contact
I don't bother with looking away

I will give him a salute at the baggage claim-
And then I will never see him again.

But I will write a poem about him. I'll call it...

Strangers On A Plane
aesthetic, black and white, and couple image butterfly, aesthetic, and black image
Shea Kisielevski
Shea Kisielevski
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