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1: Favourite Character

gif image

“Yay! I will name this one ‘Tobio is no match for Oikawa-san’.”

2: Favourite Team

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Aoba Johsai

They’re just so intimidating and chaotic at the same time you know.

3: Character That You Hated At First (But Eventually Loved)

haikyuu, anime, and icon image

4: Favourite Volleyball Position

anime, yuu nishinoya, and koushi sugawara image

5: Favourite Wing Spiker

anime, gif, and hq image
Hoshiumi Kourai

6: Favourite Setter

anime, atsumu, and miya image
Miya Atsumu
gif and haikyuu 2 season image

7: Favourito Middle Blocker

anime, haikyuu, and inarizaki image

8: Favourite Libero

anime, boys, and libero image
Nishinoya and Yaku

9: Favourite Attack Of The Freak Duo

anime, hinata shoyo, and gif image
minus tempo

10: Favourite Team Captain

haikyuu 2 season image
Oikawa, Daichi
haikyuu, anime, and hq image
and Kita!

11: Favourite Manager

anime, sugawara koushi, and shimizu kiyoko image

12: Favourite Non-Player Character

Temporarily removed Image removed
anime, gif, and akiteru tsukishima image
Tsukishima Akiteru

13: Favourite Friendship

anime, manga, and sport image
Karasuno third years
Temporarily removed Temporarily removed

14: Favourite Animal Representation

h image anime image
haikyuu image
Karasuno - Crow

15: Favourite Haikyuu Meme

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16: Favourite Uniform

haikyuu, anime, and aobajosai image
Seijoh’s sports
anime, school, and volleyball image Image removed
Nekoma’s formal

17: Favourite Character Design

anime, haikyuu, and icon image anime, haikyuu, and lev haiba image
The Haibas

18: Favourite Opening, Ending and OST

Tobe flyyyyy ~~

19: Character That You Relate The Most

haikyuu, anime, and oikawa tooru image

20: Character That Touched You The Most

gif, haikyuu!!, and haikyuu image
Date Kou third years
haikyuu, anime, and kita shinsuke image

21: Character That Underwent Most Development

anime, tanaka, and haikyuu image
anime, manga, and haikyuu image
Hinata (in the manga!)

22: Character That You Want To Be Friends With

anime and haikyuu image Image removed
Sugawara, Suna
akira, anime, and haikyuu image anime, haikyuu, and toru oikawa image
Kunimi, Oikawa
haikyuu and akaashi keiji image anime, haikyuu, and semi eita image
Akaashi, Semi

23: Character You Think It's The Most Underrated

gif image
Temporarily removed

24: Favorite Team Cheer


25: Scene That Hurt You The Most

anime, kageyama, and seijou image

26: Scene You Enjoyed The Most

anime, haikyuu season 3, and gif image
when Karasuno won against Shiratorizawa
anime, hinata, and haikyuu image anime and haikyuu image

27: Favourite Match

anime image
Karasuno vs Inarizaki

28: Scene That You Think Is The Coolest

anime, kageyama, and asahi image
setter dumps always get me

29: Which Character Would You Choose To Have On Your Team?

Kageyama (S), Hinata (WS)
Konoha(WS), Ushijima (WS)
Suna (MB), Yaku (L)
Yamaguchi (Pinch Server)

haikyuu, anime, and hinata image tsukishima, hinata shouyou, and haikyuu image anime, haikyuu, and ushijima wakatoshi image anime and haikyuu image haikyuu image anime, voleyball, and yamaguchi image

30: Why Do You Love Haikyuu?

It explains the sport clearly to viewers who know nothing about volleyball. The games and story flow so nicely that it’s addicting to watch.

So many backstories and emotions are put into even the minor characters. There is at least one character that everyone can relate to.

And finally, of course, HOT BOYSSSSS.