(ins. by @aristaehyung)

aesthetic, grunge, and I Love You image Mature image aesthetic, alternative, and deep image Image by vanya
KLAUS (me) : sarcasm 100, music is everything, fuck society, grunge aesthetic, probably an infj or an intj
Image by lo🐻🐰🌙 quotes, aesthetic, and hurt image lana del rey, flowers, and vintage image Image by KübraNur.T
COLETTE : enfp fr fr, constantly torn between the indie/vintage aesthetic and the baddie aesthetic, pretty asf, hot girl summer energy, lives on tiktok, vintage / baddie aesthetic
academia, aesthetic, and brown image aesthetic autumn fall image autumn, fall, and city image aesthetic, archives, and beauty image
VIVA : can be chill if she wants, will FIGHT you if u try squaring up, FUCK EVERYONE, is a bully (not heartless!!!!!!! /ij), estp
book image book image book, college, and study image artworks, marble, and museum image
JANE : always??? studying???? at least she gets good grades, super oblivious, innocent, entp/isfp, doesn't want you to swear apparently