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favourite album
Taylor Swift and folklore image quotes, folklore, and Lyrics image aesthetic, cardigan, and february image Temporarily removed

i love this album a lot and i have fond memories of when it first came out. it's just a beautiful album and i love it with all my heart.

favourite song
i almost do
quotes, Taylor Swift, and book image aesthetic, letters, and red image red, quotes, and alternative image red, heart, and valentine image

this song kind of grew on me i guess and it's my favourite but i don't know why. i don't really relate apart from to the part about almost doing something and thinking about it and dreaming about it but never getting round to it. it's my kind of song, and i guess that's why i like it so much. i'm so excited to hear the rerecorded version on november 19th.

favourite country taylor music video (debut-red)
Temporarily removed Temporarily removed quotes, Taylor Swift, and ours image music video, Taylor Swift, and ours image

i guess i love seeing taylor as a normal person, going to the office and reminiscing on her time with her lover. also did i mention i love the song too? it's so cute and upbeat. i love the lyric "people throw rocks at things that shine".

favourite pop/indie taylor music video (1989-evermore)
Taylor Swift image aesthetic, beautiful, and cardigan image 13, folklore, and Taylor Swift image 13, folklore, and Taylor Swift image

i especially love how this music video leads into the willow music video. i love the imagery and the meaning behind it and just thinks it's beautiful overall.

favourite song from debut
teardrops on my guitar
Image by <3 black and white, crush, and handwritten image flowers, guitar, and music image Taylor Swift and teardrops on my guitar image

i guess i just love a sad song, lol. "you should've said no" is probably also up there.

favourite song from fearless
forever and always
quotes image rain, aesthetic, and dark academia image piano, music, and hair image forever, theme, and quotes image


favourite song from speak now
light, feet, and tumblr image quotes, mind, and words image cursive, empowerment, and fonts image light, tree, and autumn image

i just love it. i love the bridge and also the bit that goes "your string of lights are still bright to me".

favourite song from red
i almost do
quotes, Taylor Swift, and book image aesthetic, letters, and red image red, quotes, and alternative image red, heart, and valentine image

i love this song too much. other than this? - probably starlight or holy ground.

favourite song from 1989
wildest dreams
Temporarily removed quotes, Lyrics, and Taylor Swift image quotes, Dream, and pink image sky, pink, and clouds image

for a multitude of reasons. i love the music video, i love the lyrics, i love the bridge, i love the enchanted mash up performance. it's just *chef's kiss*.

favourite song from reputation
getaway car
Taylor Swift image Reputation, Taylor Swift, and wallpapers image getaway car, black, and Lyrics image car, fashion, and future image

another song i love too much. another great bridge.

favourite song from lover
i think he knows
lover, music, and Swift image couple, pics, and lgbt pics image golden, aesthetic, and yellow image background, Lyrics, and quotes image

this song is also super underrated.

favourite song from folklore
folklore, Lyrics, and music image Temporarily removed hair, girl, and braid image album, escapism, and folklore image

i love the references to childhood. this song also seems to be super underrated.

favourite song from evermore
light, hand, and photography image aesthetic, folklore, and Lyrics image Taylor Swift, evermore, and gold rush image Image removed

didn't like it at first but it grew on me. it's the same with "happiness" which i think is my 2nd favourite. my fave changes alot.

favourite standalone single
safe and sound
Image by ✨Angeliki ~ The MoonlightBae✨ aesthetic, canada, and trees image tree image Taylor Swift, safe and sound, and Lyrics image

i love this song (and music video). writing a song for the hunger games is one of the coolest things she's done. i also love the hunger games books and movies.

favourite sad song
i almost do
quotes, Taylor Swift, and book image aesthetic, letters, and red image red, quotes, and alternative image red, heart, and valentine image

my favourite song is a sad song so i guess, this again!

favourite track one
tree, green, and plants image Taylor Swift and evermore image Lyrics, poetry, and Taylor Swift image Temporarily removed

beautiful song and music video.

favourite closing track
new years day
gif, Lyrics, and midnight image aesthetic, new years, and girls image fireworks, gold, and light image Lyrics, Swift, and taylor image

i love the storytelling and the live perfomances she did and the fact that it's piano.

favourite bonus track
come back be here
Lyrics image london, Big Ben, and photography image city, new york, and aesthetic image travel, sky, and plane image

once again, fantastic storytelling, bridge and it's a great song overall. i love the lyric "spinning faster than the plane that took you"

c'est fini
i know this is quite similar to the music challenge i did but i did this anyway. more ts content is coming for sure!
thanks for reading

*blows kiss*

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