Jewellery making is a work of art. At present, millions of people all over the world have chosen it as a profession. The quality of beads for Jewellery making play a vital part in the design and the shine of the jewellery. Thus, experienced crafters leave no stone unturned in finding the best raw materials for making jewellery.

If you are a crafter and are finding genuine sellers who sell the best beads for jewellery making, your search is over. At Excellent Beads, we have all kinds of raw materials, starting from beads to bead threads, stones, spacers and many more.

Types of Beads for Jewellery Making

Let us look at the various kinds of jewellery making beads and understand the differences.

Cotton Beads

Handcrafted cotton beads add to the uniqueness of the jewellery. The beads are tightly spun, compressed and then dipped in lacquer to give a resistant coating. Cotton beads are one of the most famous raw materials for jewellery making among those who specialize in fabric jewellery.

Glass Beads

Glass Beads are one of the oldest art materials that date back to almost 3000 years ago. The beautiful glossiness of these beads makes them a favourite among the artists as well as the customers. At Excellent Beads, we happen to be one of the largest suppliers of glass beads across India.

Pearl Beads

Pear Beads are one of the most unique beads for jewellery making. Available in varying sizes such as round, oval and potato-shaped, these beads are used to make traditional designs of jewellery. Apart from jewellery, you can also find these beads in designed mirrors, combs and so on.

Acrylic Beads

Acrylic beads are basically synthetic beads created by polymerizing MMA (methyl methacrylates) monomer. Nowadays, these beads are gaining popularity in the market, owing to their lightweight and outstanding durability.

As a renowned supplier of the best quality beads for jewellery making and other raw materials, we have a wide collection of acrylic beads, of different prices and calibre.

Wooden Beads

If you are looking to take your jewellery making game to the next level, behold – wooden beads. Handcrafted by specialists and carved from wood, these beads with their almost rounded shapes add a touch of rugged beauty to a perfect piece of jewellery.

Wooden beads are generally used in making ethnic clothing and jewellery. Because of the large holes, these beads can be stringed very easily.

Metal Beads

Among the various kinds of beads for jewellery making, metal beads hold a special place. Crafters love these beads mainly because of their perfectly finished surfaces and durability.

Metal beads are of various kinds – Aluminium, Brass, Bronze, Copper, Fine Silver, Enameled Copper, Gold fill, Gold overlay and many others. For a complete collection of the best metal beads, make sure to visit us.

Antique Beads

As the name suggests, antique beads add a touch of antiquity to the jewellery. At Excellent Beads, we have a vintage collection of almost thousands of different kinds of antique beads. Looking to add class and royalty to your creations? Antique beads are your best option.