hey evrybody ! im reina and im going to teach u how to grow ur discord server (fastest tips) ^_<

I started making discord servers that were really big when I first started discord back in late decem. first u need to make a discord server, and think abt what you want the aesthetic 2 be! for example, drain core, grunge, kawaii, emo, goth, etc. find an image that matches the aesthetic you've came up with, and a name. I kept my servers minimalistic (around 10-13 channels at the most).

2) add bots. your number one priority at that moment is to add the starter bots! find out how to do the commands, and prefixes, and then do moderation. make your channels first, and just go with what you've got at that moment.

3) disboard. discord allows you to freely advertise your discord server and people can join it. you can bump it every 2 hours (it will show up at the top of the list).

4) giveaways. once youve got around 100 members, you could start doing giveaways. I would do discord nitro giveaways every week and that gained me a lot of members!

5) buy promos. I've boughten a lot of promos from discord.gg/uk, discord.gg/hangout, discord.gg/inlove, discord.gg/kyuji, etc. Ive gained over 4000 members combined in members. not a lot of semi-big discord servers accept nitro, but they accept PayPal, and other cash apps. discord.gg/uk accepts nitro tho!

6) once you've gained a good amount of members, start settings up anti nuke so you don't get nuked (ive made that mistake). Make sure you've got a trusted staff team that can do their job properly.

7) have fun with your server. you deserve it.

Maybe my tips might've not been helpful, and if those don't work, start advertising your server if your big on any other apps like; whi, pinterest, spotify, youtube, roblox, etc.

have a nice day lovies