Recently where I live in Australia has recently come out of lockdown.
So my friends and I have decided to ‘knock off’ a bunch of activities that we had planned to do at the start of the year.
I have made this list to hopefully inspire some of you when you’re looking for things to do.

I want to note that a huge huge huge aspect of how we planned what activities we wanted to do was asking ourselves “what can we do to help the economy?”.

Places like theme parks, tourist attractions, rural towns and cinemas took a big hit last year. We are attempting to avoid companies like McDonald’s on our road trip and instead opt for local cafes and restaurants.
I 100% understand that not everyone has the money to spend $20 on a cafe meal over $5 McDonald’s chips. However since companies are trying to draw in lost customers, many of them are offering discounts, our local water park offered cheaper tickets for groups of 5 or more and the cinema is giving away free popcorn with every ticket.
I suggest looking for these deals, the businesses get some customers back and you get a cheap day out… It is a win-win situation.

Coastal road trip

This is something we have already planned and booked! Eight of us are planning to drive down the Great Ocean Road, stopping at various cafes and lookouts along the way. To help with costs we are preparing a breakfast picnic and for lunch a BBQ at a public park. It will be an all-day trip, but it is something we are very much looking forward to. It gives us a chance to spend some time together while also getting to tour coastal Australia.

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Winter at the water park

The water park down the road from my house puts on a winter festival in June and July to help keep an income going while it’s closed. This winter will be really important for the park as it remained closed most of the summer.
During the winter festival, the park opens in the evening and all dry rides such as chair swings still operate. There is also massive light installations, hot chocolate stands, fake snow and ice skating.
This year my friends and I want to make up for the time we lost together in the summer and spend an afternoon here.

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boozy paint / clay session

Depending on restrictions, my friends and I are planning to get together at someone’s house with some wine, beer, paint and clay. Then we will paint, create and get drunk all night.
The key to this is to not be judgmental of others or your own work. You are all there to have fun and to create doesn’t matter what the end result is.

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If we can’t do this at someone’s house then there’s a company near us that does wine and painting lessons that we might opt for if covid is an issue again.

Backyard movie night

Last year I bought a projector to use outdoors. I was planning on celebrating my partners birthday by having a fire pit and an outdoor cinema set up.

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We haven't thought of where we want to go yet. But an interstate camping trip is something we have talked about recently. Something about setting up some tents somewhere hot with a bunch of friends appeals to me. It is also an inexpensive way to travel, especially if you have a membership for a caravan park or grounds.

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Hot springs

For us, this would be a full day out as the hot springs near us require a 2-hour ferry ride to get to. I have been before with my mother but I believe it would be a different vibe going with friends. It'd be fun to just relax and talk while looking out at gorgeous views.

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Plant race

This is less a get-together and more an ongoing competition.
Each person or household will get three plant seeds to grow; we all plant them at the same time and then over the next few weeks we see whose plants have grown the biggest/fastest.

It is important to pick a low maintenance plant as not everyone will have the same level of gardening experience. It is also a good idea to have 3 or more each because not all seeds will sprout.

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Local theme park

Luna Park has just reopened in Melbourne after months of closure due to covid. Luna Park was such a big part of my childhood, I really want to support it after 2020 and help prevent it from closing. Many of my friends have never been to luna park, it’ll be fun showing them the iconic rides from my childhood.

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Pool night

There's a pool bar near us that is open until 3 am, since clubs are closed at the moment I would like to check this place out. They have three bars, 28 pool tables and music all night, so it's kind of like a club.

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I plan to add more to this list as I think of ideas :)

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