Hello there,
I'm gonna make a list of what I love to do when the summer comes

1. Wake up early and enjoy the ''Me time''. Coffee, sun and good music.

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2. Workout

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3. Easy face routine

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4. Going to the beach with friends or alone.

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5. If I go with friends we swim, sunbathe, laugh, play card games, listen to music

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6. If I go alone, I swim, sunbathe, read a book, listen to music or the sound of the ocean and nature.

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7. Take a shower with cold water

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8. Relax at home by doing what I love

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9. Getting ready, doing my light makeup

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10. Go for a walk by the ocean or go to the bar with friends

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This is my favorite way to spend my day in the summertime

Some tips to make every summer day a good day:

Drink a lot of water, take cold showers, spend days outside, workout or go for a walk, eat light and healthy food, spend time with people you love, enjoy the sun, enjoy the ocean, relax and be positive