it's been a few months since my previous article abt animes, since then i watched a few i really enjoyed so here are my recommendations :

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࿐ྂ one : Sk8 the Infinity.

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these cuties own my heart TT

ᨒ 12 episodes
ᨒ sport anime / friendship / cute

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i had strong yuri on ice vibes while watching it, like the cute ships and the nice animation of the "performances"

when ? a cute summer anime, very light-hearted w/ cute ships, now i wanna do skate too ^^

࿐ྂ two : Jujutsu Kaisen

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ᨒ 24 episodes.
ᨒ demon hunting / highschool / fights / friendship

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i see it EVERYWHERE on social medias but i'd say it's worth the hype!

when ? the beloved random-guy-becoming-a-superhero but with very interesting twists (like it has so many clichés but always reinvented), also the fights scenes are always awesome and each characters is wel--rounded and interesting (even the bad guys are hot, shit)

࿐ྂ three : The Millionaire Detective.

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ᨒ 11 episodes
ᨒ mystery / detectives / mafia / unsolved / rich people

when ? a short but fun and captivating anime, with interesting plot-twists (but not too complicated, you don't need all your braincells to follow, so it's nice to chill).

࿐ྂ four : Demon Slayer.

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one of the prettiest animations! the design of each character (above all the demons) is STUNNING!!!

ᨒ 26 episodes (and a movie)
ᨒ action / demon hunting / friendship / revenge / fantasy

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i don't know if it is useful to recommend it as it is SO famous, but if you're hesitant, it is definitely not overrated.

when ? an OUTSTANDING animation with really cool character designs, backstories and the FIGHTS SCENES. it follows the regular path of "the nobody to hero" but it works well and doesn't get boring (also there's always a backstory of the "bad guys" so it makes the stakes more interesting)

{࿐ྂ five : haikyuu}

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it's not really of short anime since it already has 4 seasons BUT if you binge it like i did, then you'll finish it quickly ^^ idk, it was so adorable i was addicted to it, and found myself trapped in the never-ending loop of "just one more episode and i'll stop"

it's just the cutest sport anime, with lovable characters, each team is adorable (the ships, let's not even go there) and there's something addicting with the outcome of each game... idk, kinda became my comfort anime for bad moods ˙ᘧ ͜ ˙

࿐ྂ the end.

hope you liked this article! can't wait to watch new animes to write another one ^^
take care, love you <3

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