A girl's name is Tania. Unique in the glory of knowledge, the urgent Rupshi Kanya, 5 feet 4 inches tall, with wide eyes, touches Tania's thick black hair and touches her knees. It looks like a sack that encloses with a drawstring. Her beauty not only attracts boys but also girls look at her with fascinated eyes. Gentle demeanor and polite demeanor enhance her physical beauty. In short, not only in appearance but also in quality, he is far ahead of others, his name is at the top of all in studies and various competitions. So many girls are jealous and say in a sad voice, aha if I could be like Tania.

Tania is the daughter of a pious family. He wears a burqa on his way to and from college. At the same time, always try to abide by the rules and regulations of the Shariah. As a result, despite being unique in appearance, he never fell into the trap of love. Of course, it is not that she has not received a love proposal so far, but whenever a boy proposes to her in any way, she says in disgust, "I will not fall in love with anyone before marriage, I will not love anyone. This is my promise."

Because it is not permissible in the law. But after marriage I will fall in love with my husband. I will love him with my heart and mind, I will give him my own being. As a result, my love will be in his love, my holy love will be in the love of that time. Our marital life will be filled with happiness, peace and joy.

Tania had her own small mobile. Who knows, this mobile will bring destruction in his life.
One day his mobile suddenly rang !! As a result, even though he was a little annoyed, he finally received the phone. Immediately heard in the boy's voice from the other end, I am Saurabh. Want to talk to you if you have time?

Tania: What can I say to you, you are a stranger.
Sourav: For the sake of politeness, he was given a little time to make repeated requests. Sourav was very happy to get permission, he talked to Tania for a while. At one stage of the conversation, while praising Tania's beauty and physical beauty, he did not forget to appreciate her skillful touch of Saurabh Madhumakha literature and her various qualities.
People have been praising Tania since childhood, but no one else has been able to praise her as beautifully as Saurabh. Saurabh overpowered Tania with a sweet voice.

And Tania wondered if the boys' voices were so beautiful. I used to know that my voice is very beautiful. Now I realize that Saurabh has a much more beautiful voice than me.

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