"To the boy who reminds me of me Pour rain over my rotten body, like you always did. You won't do it anymore, will you? You won't be here, I won't be here. Our words will remain, they'll get repeated everytime someone falls in love, to express thier love using the words we express our love. Your name has more meaning about love than the word ""love"" will ever have. It's tough to write about something you haven't experienced at all. A bit easier if you've imagined the scenarios in your heart a million times or maybe a little more or less. Love, for me is something like that.I always mess up first things, the first Iloveyou was said to someone who didn't have a clue about my existence. What if I mess up love too? What if I mess up being in love with the person I love being myself the most? What if I mess up us? I don't think we are a happy tomorrow anymore, you and me.

I look at the box which is placed at a corner, or thrown away there. I search love in it, love in the torn photograph and the torn love letters. You can get rid of the love letters but you can't get rid of the love, can you? The love between the spaces of each word you wrote for me, about me? The love I can see in the photograph, your smile is still the same. Like I always told, reality with some fiction. Your smile feels so real and bright, it takes me to magical places, I didn't even know existed. Hence, reality with some fiction sprinkled. Your memories have created a town in my heart which I can't help but visit each time I hear the word love, or any word. Everything reminds me of you. Can you stop it? Stop a long pause loving me. There I said it.