Hey there! This article is called: "since I reached 2k followers I thought I should make an article about me and myself" aka. "I'm lonely af on a friday evening again and I need this article more than you out there rn". Soo here we go:

1. Eye colour

girl, eyes, and green image cat, eyes, and green image

2. skin colour

aesthetic, alternative, and boy image ulzzang, hair, and korean image
I'm really pale due to the lack of being social on summer days lol

3. hair colour

aesthetic, asian, and beauty image girl and ulzzang image
dark brown

4. zodiac sign

stars, overlay, and constellation image quotes, quiet, and quiet people image

5. career goal

daredevil, Law, and lawyer image books and library image

6. favorite colour?

cat, cute, and animal image aesthetic, art, and black image

7. favorite tv show?

kdrama, junho, and good manager image chief kim image asians, drama, and korean image chief kim image
I LOVE THIS AND WATCHED IT ALREADY THREE TIMES!! Can't wait to watch it again after the exam session. It just has good vibes and the cast is wholesome. I love it.

8. favorite actor(s)?

chief kim image actor, asian, and korean image drama, gif, and heartless city image aesthetic, life, and series image
Min Namgoon / Seo In Guk (since 2015 )/ Jung Kyoung Ho / Ji Seong

9. favorite singer / rapper

aesthetic, alternative, and indie image bobby, kim jiwon, and Ikon image
Wonjae / Bobby

10. do you practice sport?

eyebrow, fashion clothes, and motivation quotes image yoga, fitness, and fit image

11. current goal in life?

graduation image university, diplomate, and diplôme image
graduating from law school

to be continued..
D-13 til my barexam, wish me luck!