Name: Mary Norwell
Age: 17


beautiful, beauty, and brunette image girl, lips, and skin image


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period drama, 18th century, and dress image coffee, strawberry, and aesthetic image
when she met Dorian
girl, renaissance, and romeo and juliet image Temporarily removed
when Dorian invited her to his castle
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When she goes to Dorian's castle
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Her date with Dorian
sissi image bouquet, garden, and photography image
Her Picnic with Dorian
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Her Night with Dorian
aesthetic, moment, and couple image dark, chandelier, and architecture image
Her first kiss with Dorian

STORY: An 17 year old girl, who spends time with Dorian
soon her feelings grow for him. Mary is a free-spirited
girl, who is considered the most beautiful girl in her town
once a man moves into town it sparks her interest.

Add-On Story: Dorian and Mary meet in Town after Mary has Breakfast, on the sidewalk. Soon, invites Mary to his castle, they talk. He soon invites her again and they have a Picnic. At night Dorian hires a Band to play music and dances with Mary and shares a kiss with him; Dorian bites Mary with her request.