Hello there! Recently I have been trying to be healthier and my meals have been pretty good until it comes to my snacking. I feel ashamed that I can't manage my healthy eating well, but I am gonna keep trucking. I have been doing some research and have made a list of some healthy snacks so everyone can get healthy together. Although you can easily go to a store and buy some snacks the ones you make at home always seem to taste better. Snacking can help you not overeat at your meals so it is important to snack a little bit here and there but don't go too crazy.


|1.| Mixed nuts: salted is good but unsalted is better, one of the best snacks to take
on the go. Some of the nuts I like are peanuts, almonds, pistachios, pecans and
|2.| Hummus with veggies: Hummus is super nutritious and has a ton of health
benefits. They make a lot of different flavors of hummus, red pepper, roasted
garlic, spinach artichoke, etc. Most veggies taste really good with it, I like bell
peppers, cucumbers and carrots.
|3.| Greek Yogurt: Greek yogurt is rich with calcium and also has probiotics in it which
is super good. I like to eat my yogurt with fruit, granola, peanut butter and honey
and sometimes if I'm feeling extra spicy I will put some nuts in too.
|4.| Apple slices: There's a reason an apple a day keeps the doctor away, they are
high in fiber and lower your risk of diabetes and heart disease. I like to enjoy my
apples with peanut butter or nutella.
|5.| Celery sticks: Celery has a lot of essential vitamins and its really good for blood
and skin. Celery goes good with hummus and peanut butter but they also taste
great just raw.
|6.| Kale chips: There is an antioxidant in kale that helps to reduce the risk of cancer
and it also helps support bone health. These things are a really good substitute
for regular potato chips and come in a lot of different flavors, you can also just
make your own.
|7.| Rice cake: These are a healthy alternative to bread and are very low in their
calorie count. I like to eat mine with peanut butter and slices of banana, but they
go well with most toppings.
|8.| A piece of fruit: Every fruit is different but they all have good vitamins and minerals
and help reduce the risk of diseases. Fruit is a really convenient snack to take on
the go.
|9.| Granola: Granola has oats in it which contains magnesium, zinc and other
minerals. I like to put mine in yogurt or just eat it by itself, you can even just eat as
cereal with milk.
|10.| Trail mix: Depending on the contents of your trail mix it can either be really
healthy or really unhealthy. Try avoiding trail mix with candy, chocolate, and a lot
of sodium. Mixes with dried fruits and nuts are the best options for you to get, if
you can't find any then you can always make your own.
|11.| Cheese: Cheese has a lot of calcium in it and it is very good for your bones as
well as your teeth. Some of the healthier types of cheese are feta, mozzarella,
ricotta, cheddar, goat, etc. Eating cheese on some crackers is always a good
|12.| Beef Jerky: Provides a good amount of iron and zinc, which boosts your immune
system. My favorite one is the black pepper ones but there is a ton of flavors
and brands.
|13.| Bruschetta: Bruschetta is tomatoes and basil covered in balsamic vinegar and
usually served on bread. The tomatoes are super healthy, they have vitamins A
and C in them.
|14.| Ricotta cheese on toast: Ricotta cheese is a spreadable cheese and offers a lot
of protein and can improve your energy. I like to spread it on a piece of whole
wheat toast with either a fruit or veggie.
|15.| Popcorn: It is high in fiber, helps with weight loss, and regulates blood sugar so
it is surprisingly pretty healthy. There are a ton of different flavors of popcorn
which will raise the calories but still better than candy and chips.
|16.| Crackers with salmon: I love salmon and it is so good for you, it is a very good
source of protein and has a ton of nutrients. I like to eat cooked salmon on
saltines with capers but eating it on a bagel or rice cake would also taste good.
|17.| Turkey slices: Turkey is full of B vitamins (B3, B6, B12) and it is a high quality
protein that still leaves you feeling light. I like to eat mine rolled up with some
cheese in the middle.
|18.| Pretzels: These are a healthier alternative to potato chips and offers thiamin,
riboflavin, niacin, pantothenic acid and vitamin B-6. I like to enjoy mine with
either hummus or peanut butter.

I am only gonna list 18 snacks at least for right now but I might end up making another list later on. If you need more ideas for healthy snack then you should check out Pinterest, they have a lot of ideas on there. Anyways I hope you enjoy these snacks as much as I do!