hello, again, beautifuls. i hope you are all doing good, and if you're not, you're still beautiful.

pick an aesthetic, get movies.

here we go;

a.) ~ cyberpunk

code, hacker, and cyberpunk image cyberpunk, laptop, and sci fi image art, futuristic, and cyberpunk image cyberpunk, future, and science image light, city, and night image cyberpunk, future, and science image
alita: battle angel || ghost in the shell (1995 & 2017) || the blackout || cloud atlas || new gods: nezha reborn || appleseed || the matrix 4 || hotel artemis || the animatrix || technosite: edit & l || avalon || the gene generation || paprika

b.) ~ hippie

2000s, car, and cars image aesthetic, green, and flowers image hippie image chakras, mother nature, and nature image guitar, the beatles, and beatles image 60s, free, and Jim Morrison image
across the universe || moonwalkers || peace, love, and misunderstanding || festival express || the invisible circus || maybe i'll come home in the spring || wanderlust || dazed and confused || flashback || into the wild || the house of the sun || hippie hippie shake || the glass castle || almost famous a walk on the moon || groupie girl

c.) ~ grunge

vampire, aesthetic, and fangs image aesthetic, dark, and grunge image guitar, hello kitty, and pink image tired, quotes, and people image b&w, fashion, and guitar image skull image
singles || 1991: the year punk broke || reality bites || the punk singer || pulp fiction || the craft (1996) || poison ivy || catwoman (2004) || run lola run || the basketball diaries || all over me || nowhere || the doom generation || jawbreaker || billboard dad || pump up the volume || metropolitician

d.) ~ indie

indie, skateboard, and aesthetic image friends, aesthetic, and theme image aesthetic, y2k, and indie image Image by Private User girl, indie, and style image Image by L A U R A
ladybird || juno || straight up || a ghost story || blue jay || frances ha || she's gotta have it || tomboy || ghost world || the ice storm || you can count on me || 2046 || a single man || philomena || little miss sunshine

e.) ~ 2000s/y2k

90s, aesthetic, and britney spears image paris hilton image Image by Private User fashion, aesthetic, and butterfly image aesthetic, pink, and pastel image aesthetic, pink, and nokia image
mean girls || my sister keeper || the girl next door | the corpse bride || orphan || big fish || freaky friday || the notebook || how to lose a guy in 10 days || 13 going on 30 || the black dahlia || the nanny diaries || chain camera || erin brockovich || aquamarine || thirteen || barbie of swan lake || in her shoes || the devil wears prada

f.) ~ lolita

girl, lolita, and red image aesthetic, animals, and rabbit image hello kitty, sanrio, and aesthetic image Image by strip factory aesthetic, blue, and pink image blood, japan, and lace image
pretty baby || fat girl || lolita (1962) || bluebeard || crush || fish tank || freeway || l.i.e || my own private idaho || albatross || notes on a scandal || american beauty || the reader

g.) ~ steampunk

clothes, style, and steampunk image aesthetic, deviantart, and fantasy image steampunk image steampunk image DC, princess, and amazonas image steampunk image
abigail || mortal engines || the house with a clock in its wall || pan || the golden compass || april and the extraordinary world || hugo || van helsing || howls moving castle || city of ember || wild wild west || stardust || airlords of airia || igor || the brothers grimm

h.) ~ dark academia

coffee, aesthetic, and black image aesthetic, dark, and study image architecture, aesthetic, and dark academia image book, aesthetic, and autumn image london, Big Ben, and city image Image by Private User
mary shelley || mona lisa smile || dead poets society || the riot club || maurice || bright young things || indignation || fallen || northanger abbey || cracks || wilde || colette || school ties || tolkien || flesh and bone || paradise hills || the dreamers || the beguiled || only lovers left alive || a little princess || the secret garden || picnic at hanging rock

i.) ~ goth

academia, aesthetic, and archive image cat and patriarchy image goth, shoes, and aesthetic image goth, grunge, and gothgf image guitar, grunge, and aesthetic image grunge, dark, and aesthetic image
edward scissorhands || crimson peak || ultrviolet || dracula || lost highway || what happened to monday || pans labyrinth || marrowbone || the others || the nightmare before christmas || the corpse bride || elvira: mistress of the dark || vampire clan || the addams family || underworld || may || angel heart || the orphanage || this must be the place || the crow

j.)~ royalcore

aesthetic, architecture, and art image Image by ⚜️Luna de Antiguedades⚜️ book, library, and architecture image dress, anna karenina, and keira knightley image architecture, palace, and luxury image classy, light, and london image
mary queen of scots || the favorite || the other boleyn girl || a royal affair || the duchess || anne of the thousand day || a man for all seasons || roman holiday || marie antoinette || elizabeth || the young victoria || downtown abbey || her majesty, mrs brown || lady jane || grace or monaco || the girl king

k.) ~ witchcore

witch, quotes, and magic image witch, crystal, and magic image book, witch, and spell image cat, Halloween, and kitten image witch, book, and aesthetic image magic, books, and witch image
the good witch || beautiful creatures || mary and the witch's flower || belladonna of sadness || twitches 1 & 2 || practical magic || scooby-doo and the ghoul school || the witches of eastwick || penelope || the witches || halloweentown || the initiation of sarah || the love witch || bewitched || witchcraft Xl: sisters of blood || willow || merlin || a simple wish || coven of sisters || i married a witch || hocus pocus

l.) ~ barbiecore

aesthetic, alt, and alternative image aesthetic, chic, and grunge image Image removed pink, lips, and glitter image aesthetic, pink, and tumblr image fashion, pink, and aesthetic image
legally blonde || mean girls || life-size || clueless || the lizzie mcguire movie || 13 going on 30 || the devil wears prada || cadet kelly || bring it on (2000) || our lips are sealed || barbie of swan lake || barbie and the magic of the pegasus || barbie in the 12 dancing princesses || miss congeniality || uptown girls || 10 things i hate about you || sweet home alabama || the sweetest thing || 27 dresses || confessions of a teenage drama queen || sleepover || the outcasts || society boys || aquamarine

m.) ~ boujee

pale, green, and grunge image daily, inspiring, and love it image aesthetic, black, and fashion image chanel, bag, and black image lips, aesthetic, and glitter image fashion, money, and transfer image
clueless || cowbelles || how to marry a millionaire || the wings of the dove || the devil wears prada || swallow || sabrina || mansfield park || the bride wore red || the last time i saw paris || gentlemen prefer blondes || daddy long legs || gigi || breakfast at tiffany's || priceless || emma. || the prepper connection || crazy rich asians || the unsinkable molly brown

that's all for now. sorry it's so long. i hope you all enjoyed and liked this article. i will make another one if anyone is interested.

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