Hey there! This article is for all of you out there who are struggling with getting out of bed, being anything near productive or motivating themselves in any form.

This is a problem that many of us have or had lately more than ever I think. And it is nothing you should chastise yourself for. Yes, we ourselves are responsible for getting things done but sometimes the circumstances we are in are all too paralysing.
Don't rack your brain over things in the past. I know it might sound cheesy or hackneyed but every day poses a new start, a new chance.

note: these tips/steps might not work for you the way they did for me. If you feel like something doesn't fit you and the state you're in then maybe you should try something else. However, I hope this is at least a little help to maybe find a new structure or approach.

step 1: give yourself a new chance every day

The only thing you can work on is the present, so as annoying as it might be that you have let things slide lately it only matters to form the things at hand to make progress you can build on and be proud of in the future.

Evaluate what is possible to achieve every morning and don't expect more than that from yourself. Give it a new try every day without letting the events of the day prior weigh in your plans.

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step 2: get up

This is a very crucial point that maybe should have been step 1. It sounds very simple but if you are in a real slump this can actually be the hardest part of all. Getting out of the passive position of lying in bed is key to a more productive day. Especially if you don't have to attend work or school or college in person at a certain time it often feels like you are tied to the bed. Responsibilities seem farther away and your body is in sleep's grip.

But getting up, drinking a glass of cold water, washing your face with cold water as well and sitting down at the breakfast table or your desk is often doing wonders to your circulation. It might very well be that you are still fatigued and the bed is calling again. Nevertheless, you should try getting up properly every day.

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step 3: movement

I think we all know what is often said. Fitness and sports are so very important for your productivity. And yes, that's absolutely true. But if you are like me then there's next to nothing that could animate you to properly work out. And you don't have to do sport to ensure a certain level of movement in your days.

Depending on your current amount of physical activity it can already be progress if you walk around your apartment/home a little more. If you are in a deep slump, I mean a really deep one, then it can be an improvement to not only go to the bathroom and the fridge a few times a day. If you really don't feel like working out then at least don't shy away from repetitive walks in the house. If you are scooped up at home there is no unnecessary walk you could do.

I also like to dance around my room or go for a walk around my neighbourhood. Getting some fresh air and new impressions is so simple yet so effective.

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step 4: don't skip a meal

A slump is marked by growing laziness. Don't let that impact your basic needs. Eat at least twice a day and drink water. Maybe this has become a greater challenge than it should be but you are doing this for yourself. Try to make it a highlight of your day. Feel how it does you good, how it nourishes your body.

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step 5: make your rest in bed a treat

It can easily become a habit to spend your day in bed. It's the most comfortable place. It is probably where you feel most at home. And it is alright to seek that comfort. But maybe think about making this comfort a treat. Try to do the things that have to be done over the hours of the day that you want to give for these tasks. When you have made an effort to get these things done you can snuggle up in bed with a good conscience.

I think it is important that even giving some tasks a try can be reason enough for a good conscience. You don't have to achieve everything that is set up for you. But you should give it a try.

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step 6: estimate if your mind is up to the task

Sometimes we can torture ourselves by expecting our minds and bodies to do something they don't have the capacities for any more at the moment. It is not wise to press the last ounce of energy out of ourselves. Often it is okay and even better to consciously make a pause and draw a line under what has been done already.

The challenging part can be to decipher reluctance from exhaustion. Often it is actually a mixture of both that makes it hard to conquer a task. Try to estimate how serious your reluctance is. Are you actually able to accomplish the goal rather easily if you bestir yourself? Or is your aversion too great at the moment to effectively get things done? If the latter is the case get out of the current setting completely and reset your mindset by new impressions or a little distance.

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step 7: include sparks of life

Maybe this sounds strange at first but this is really what keeps you going over the days. Include things/activities in your schedules that make you feel alive. Maybe this is a call with your friend, maybe it's doodling in your sketchbook, maybe it is writing the next chapter of your novel or maybe it is baking some cookies and enjoying the smell in the entire apartment. It doesn't matter what it is and it doesn't matter how "productive" it is. If it makes you feel alive it should find some space in your daily schedule.

Maybe you are struggling with finding these things, hobbies etc. It can also be a hot shower or a cup of hot chocolate that gives you this feeling of being a little more alive than usual.

Never cut your "sparks of life" completely out of your days to get more things done. In the long run, you won't be more successful when you are lacking your inner sparks.

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step 8: give yourself love, regardless of your success

This might be similar to the last one but it is worth it to mention it separately. It is very important to try what you want to achieve again and again but your success shouldn't impact your love for yourself. This is easily said but maybe not so easily done.

Repetition is key. So tell it to yourself or let it be told to you.

You are enough. You are lovely. You deserve love. Give it to you.

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That's it for the article! I hope this was somehow helpful. Thank you for reading!

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