i love the waves of your hair and the sparkle in your eyes when you look at the moon.

i love the nose that resembles your fathers.

i love how your upper lip rests on your lower one, and the diamond shaped space in between.

i love how you make playlists for your loved ones; full of songs that make you feel, so that they can experience the same euphoria you felt when you first listened to them.

i love your strong shoulders, and the veins snaking between the tendons of your hands.

i love the care you put into the letters you write for your friends.

i love how you adore animals, especially puppies.

i love how you try to be nice to everyone you meet.

i love how you try to make everyone around you comfortable.

i love the way you send pictures of the coffee you make to your friends.

i love how you go crying to your friends after your favourite book/anime character dies.

i love how you can cry at the misfortune of 2D characters.

i love the way you have to listen to music to complete the most mundane of tasks.

i love how you eat till your belly is full.

i love how happy you get when you find a book character you know you'll fall in love with soon.

i love how you compliment things you find beautiful in people.

i love the softness of your belly and thighs.

i love the apples of your cheeks, and the scars on your knees and hands.

i love how you cant listen to one direction songs anymore without getting sad.

i love how you dance around your room to get yourself out of a slump.

i love how you pull yourself out of the sadness you are feeling.

i love how you try your best to overcome your anxiety.

i love the softness of the voice you use to tell yourself its okay.

i love how you try to do the bare minimum on the days its hard enough to get out of bed.

i love how you play every song you enjoy on repeat till you cant bear to listen to it any longer.

i love how sometimes finding a new song to listen to can make your entire day.

i love how you can go on and on about the things you love.

i love that you love to make others laugh.

i love your sense of humour.

i love how you have to stop and stare at the wall for a few moments in silence after you read a perfectly written line.

i love how you try to savour every bite of cheesecake.

i love how you dont mind being alone.

i love how you can sit for hours without doing a thing.

i love how you zone out.

i love how you are not good with names but are trying to be better at it.

i love how you can laugh at yourself.

i love how you love your family.

i love the words of encouragement you give yourself when times are hard.

i love how you stick up for what you believe in.

i love how you try to make yourself even better than you already are.

i love how you take pictures everytime the colors of the sky make you feel something.

i love how you stick your head near the window when it rains so you can smell the dampness of the earth.

i love how you love the rainy days more than the sunny ones.

i love how you place your head in the crook of their neck when you hug someone.

i love the oversized clothing you wear.

i love the skin on your forehead.

i love how you look for love in books, movies, and even people.

i love how its hard for you to love with all your heart because you're scared, but how you do it anyway.

i love how you swipe through pictures of your family on your phone when you miss them.

i love how you ask your sister if she's okay everytime you speak to her.

i love how you think you have a type for a while until you see someone that makes you change your mind.

i love how you find playlists on youtube to listen to while you work.

i love how you try to be yourself everywhere you go and no matter who you meet.

i love you so much. i promise to take care of you, even on the days you dont want to take care of yourself.