Hello! So I decided to share my 2021 summer playlist. These are some songs from the playlist:

Current Joys - Shivers

flowers, blue, and aesthetic image book image

Dr. Dog - Where'd All The Time Go?

abandoned, alone, and blue hair image article image

Adorable - Sunshine Smile

picnic, food, and strawberry image picnic, aesthetic, and nature image

Cautious Clay - Wildfire

girls image girl, sea, and summer image

TEEN BLUSH - Golden Hour

cake, food, and lemon image flowers, yellow, and aesthetic image


Image by the Authoress sunset and drink image

Dayglow - Crying on the Dancefloor

Image by <3 moon and sky image

Olivia Rodrigo - traitor

aesthetic, beauty, and girl image girl, cindy kimberly, and aesthetic image

The Mysterines - Love's Not Enough

car, orange, and tunnel image concert image

The Cure - The Perfect Boy

green image drink, green, and butterfly image

If you like these songs, check out my spotify playlist for more:))