hello again, like i said i'm writing a bunch of articles in a row bc i have the energy rn.

albums 101-125

the family jewels - marina // 10/10

the family jewels, 2010, and indie image marina and the diamonds and the family jewels image
13 songs, 45 min, 2010

❀favourite song: oh no!❀

alright, buckle up btches, we're about to have a lot of 10/10's now, because i'm gonna listen to marina. this woman makes the most perfect albums ever, no discussion, she's a queen with the voice of an angel and the writing talent of a god. she doesn't have a single bad song and i will never shut up about her

electra heart - marina // 10/10

pink, marina and the diamonds, and electra heart image Image by arzu
17 songs (deluxe version baybeeee), 1h16min, 2012

❀favourite song: teen idle❀

skskskladkamkda marina our lord and saviour did THIS. the cultural impact this had. how many personalities electra heart shaped. i wouldn't be the person i am today if it wasn't for this album. i think everyone should listen to this at least once in their life, i could write a 10 page essay about this album. teen idle alone deserves a lobby full of awards

love & fear - marina // 10/10

album, marina, and cover image album, marina, and cover image
16 songs, 56 min, 2019

❀favourite song: to be human❀

this album outperformed her previous ones vocal wise. for the songs themselves, she played around with a new sound and style and it worked so well!

coup d'etat - g-dragon // 9/10

album, g-dragon, and kpop image aesthetic, flames, and g-dragon image
12 songs, 38 min, 2013

❀favourite song: r.o.d.❀

some absolute bangers. i think some songs are more on the skip end of the spectrum, but overall good album

empathy - jean deux // 7/10

building, sun, and aesthetic image globe, aesthetic, and blue image
7 songs, 22min, 2019

❀favourite song: life lines❀

the first half of this album was very boring, ngl, but then it got a lot better. a good album for daydreaming

we - gnash // 7/10

flowers, gnash, and art image aesthetic, beige, and milk image
13 songs, 40min, 2019

❀favourite song: the broken hearts club❀

some of the songs are so good, i love the lyrics of almost all songs, but some are sadly very skippable

hot pink - doja cat // 9/10

cat, hotpink, and music image cat, hotpink, and music image
12 songs, 39min, 2019

❀favourite song: say so❀

perfect follow up to amala, beautiful and creative songs. i love her and this album. a few songs weren't that special or outstanding but the vast majority was amazing

demidevil - ashnikko // 7/10

ashnikko and demidevil image ashnikko and demidevil image
10 songs, 25min, 2021

❀favourite song: toxic❀

some of the songs are incredibly good, but the majority are just another song tbh. still a good album, just not as good as i expected.

nectar - joji // 5/10

joji image extravaganza, joji, and néctar image
18 songs, 53min, 2020

❀favourite song: afterthought❀

i didn't dislike this album and i didn't mind listening to it, it was relaxing and i liked the vibe, but i don't see myself coming bacl to it. none of the songs are recognizable to me, they all just blend together

plastic hearts - miley cyrus // 8/10

album, plastic hearts, and midnight sky image miley cyrus image
15 songs, 50min, 2020

❀favourite song: heart of glass❀

i think she finally found her music style, and she excels it perfectly. this album is really good, although i didn't find all of the songs that interesting

ruby - emm // 7/10

cat, moon, and night image aesthetic, neon, and dark red image
10 songs, 34min, 2020

❀favourite song: twin flames❀

i didn't really know what to expect, but i was positively surprised. she has a beautiful voice and all of the songs have a bit of a witchy/villainy vibe to them

fancy you - twice // 10/10

fancy, kpop, and twice image fancy, mina, and jihyo image
6 songs, 18min, 2019

❀favourite song: fancy❀

one of the best mini albums out there, not a single skip

evil twin - isaac dunbar // 10/10

isaac, dunbar, and isaacdunbar image blonde, dunbar, and isaac image
7 songs, 19min, 2021

❀favourite song: intimate moments❀

i'm so glad that i discovered this artist through this challenge, i adore his music and this album is so good and even better than the first one i listened to

clé levanter - stray kids // 8/10

felix, han, and i.n image Image by skz best boys
7 songs, 23min, 2019

❀favourite song: sunshine❀

it was a bit weak in the beginning and it's not their best songs, but a pretty good album nonetheless

ctrl - sza // 9/10

ctrl, photoshoot, and sza image artists, black women, and celebrities image
14 songs, 49min, 2017

❀favourite song: prom❀

i believe that sza is a literal angel. she's so pretty and i don't even know where to start with her voice. this album is just as gorgeous as she is

birds of prey // 10/10

film, edits, and harley quinn image film, edits, and harley quinn image
15 songs, 42min, 2020

❀favourite song: sway with me (by galxara and saweetie)❀

i didn't even watch the movie yet, but this has to be one of the best soundtrack albums ever. some of the songs were a bit...much, but i get so much energy from it

sin miendo - kali uchis // 8/10

beauty, photography, and photoshoot image looks, photography, and photoshoot image
13 songs, 34min, 2020

❀favourite song: te pongo mal❀

i love her music so much, this album is very relaxing

stella I - stella jang // 10/10

black, hearts, and icons image villain and stella jang image
12 songs, 39min, 2020

❀favourite song: villain❀

i love this album and stella so so much. villain was my second favourite song release of 2020, and the rest of the album didn't dissapoint either. definitly will be one of my favourite albums of all time

galactica - quin // 6/10

antique, aesthetic, and vintage image Image by ʟɪᴛᴛʟᴇᴀɴɢᴇʟ
7 songs, 23min, 2016

❀favourite song: ev'rybody wants to be a cat❀

i like her style and i think the album is great, but it doesn't have a lot of replay value for me

it's not me, it's you - lily allen // 6/10

lily allen, music, and not fair image amazing, awesome, and beautiful image
12 songs, 43min, 2009

❀favourite song: fuck you❀

love her, amazing lyricist, i love how she sounds so innocent and cute but then sings about explicit topics or curses. criminally underrated

bloom - troye sivan // 5/10

art, fashion, and floral image art, fashion, and floral image
10 songs, 36min, 2018

❀favourite song:what a heavinly way to die❀

your average pop album, not necessarily bad, but i got bored

racine carrée - stromae // 7/10

Image by Private User stromae, belgium, and paul van haver image
13 songs, 45min, 2013

❀favourite song: tous les mêmes❀

very interesting, i really enjoyed some of the songs, but some others were a bit weird and i didn't like them that much

euphoric sad songs - raye // 9/10

aesthetic, pearls, and shell image fish and pink image
9 songs, 31min, 2020

❀favourite song:regardless❀

take your average pop album and make it extremely catchy, and you get euphoric sad songs. i never listened to her before but damn she's really good

we - exid // 8/10

k-pop, le, and exid image me and you, 이엑스아이디, and k-pop image
7 songs, 24min, 2019

❀favourite song: how you doin'❀

i never listened to exid sidetracks before but my god i wasn't let down

brand new eyes - paramore // 4/10

Image by lo🐻🐰🌙 Image by lo🐻🐰🌙
12 songs, 44min, 2009

❀favourite song: the only exception❀

sadly i found out that paramore's music is absolutely not my style

thanks for reading if anyone even did that