Hi everyone ! Hope you're all fine, it's been a while since i've wanted to do the abc about me... So here we go !

Inspired by :

Let's start

a - animal i love
cat, cute, and black image cat, cute, and animal image
b - best feature
90s, aesthetic, and alternative image Image by Lady Skull🌙
feeling people's pain as if it is mine
c - color i love
aesthetic, theme, and bts image rain, quotes, and green image
red marroon and forestgreen
d - dream of mine
couple and love image Image by elle
falling in love - living in my dream house
e - element i connect with
tree image nature, green, and aesthetic image
f - favorite tv show
silence, james, and quotes image sad, worthless, and quotes image
the end of the f world and skins
g - greatest achievement
body image aesthetic, girl, and summer image
growing into a confident person
h - height
fashion, outfit, and style image aesthetic, 70’s, and stylé image
i - in love with
vintage, film, and old image aesthetic, ocean, and water image
movies - the ocean
j - job of my dream
Image by elle greta gerwig and lady bird image
director of photography
kids i want
celebration, balloons, and birthday image family, baby, and mom image
2 or 3 i think
l - languages i speak
aesthetic, paris, and france image love image
french, english and italian
m - magical powers i want
girl, aesthetic, and grunge image Image by elle
n - number of siblings
fashion, girl, and hair image dress, blue, and outfit image
one big sister
o - one favorite song
aesthetic, alternative, and ghetto image deadly, girl, and indie image
Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down) by Nancy Sinatra
p - personnality
aesthetic and love image art, mind, and brain image
infj : idealist and creative, empathic vampires absorbing other's feelings, people watcher, introvert but social sarcastic cuties
q - quote i live by
cat, cute, and animal image Image by Private User
"make someone smile everyday. but never forget that you are someone too."
r - reason to smile
beach, aesthetic, and ocean image rain, aesthetic, and night image
sunsets and rain
s - style
Image by elle aesthetic, black, and outfit image Image by elle Image by elle
kinda grungy and trendy - lots of skirts, silver jewelry and patterned tights
t - time i wake up
aesthetic, dark, and train image bed, cat, and girl image
on school days : 6am - or else 10pm
u - underatted feature
silence, grunge, and quotes image couple, love, and beach image
i never feel uncomfortable during a big slience
v - vacation place
beach, summer, and travel image nature, view, and summer image
italy - tuscany
w - worst habit
cute, love, and message image girl, korean, and aesthetic image
self isolation from friends and not responding to texts
x - x-rays i've had
aesthetic, archive, and b&w image love, kiss, and skeleton image
just one for my wisdom teeth
y - your comfort movie
10 things i hate about you, 90s, and Julia Stiles image Jennifer Lawrence, joy, and movie quote image
10 things i hate about you and joy
z - zodiac sign
goth, grunge, and monster image style, girl, and fashion image

thanks for your reading 🥰

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