What is a spiritual awakening?
A spiritual awakening is the moment a personal "awake" to their life with a new sense of existence in this world.

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The desire for change

To many, spiritual awakening happens out of a desire for change. Because we want to be better than we are now. Better in the sense that we feel that we lack self-esteem, love for ourselves and that we want to thrive in every possible view of ourselves. It is with great desire that great changes come.

The desire for a better life involves not only the spiritual but also the material one in which we live, and most of the time when we want to change then we find ourselves in a state that we do not like and consciously seek an outlet for a better life. We know we are what we think most of the time. Thoughts affect our personality and behaviour and over time we create an attitude about everything that is solid and what becomes of our character, which is a big factor in how we respond to a particular situation. That is why working on yourself is very important. Although bad things can happen to you that is human because we live in such a world, the most important thing is how we react to those situations.

Because of the way we respond to a particular situation, we create within ourselves a particular emotion towards that event, and then define it as good or bad. If a strong emotion has arisen during this event, we are likely to experience a new event that will recreate that type of emotion. So, it may not be the same event again, but the emotion associated with it will be.

Because of our desire for spirituality, a better life and dissatisfaction with our current state, we feel the need to work for ourselves to spiritually change and improve our lives in general. Improvement will be reflected in better relationships with people, harmony, less reflection on past mistakes and a better material state of life.

When you learn to connect thoughts and events, you will understand how connected everything we think and say is to events that await us in the future.

How do you feel spiritually awakened?

Nice feeling, comfortable, peaceful, comes with a new path that we consciously walk on and see the changes that come from that on ourselves. Everything we want to be and feel like we can if we give ourselves enough time we will get to it. Nothing happens by force and speed. Everything goes its natural course.

We are more open

With the spiritual awakening of the world, we begin to become more aware of all the people and events around us. We are more open to communicating with people and we see a lot more good sides in them than before. Because we are focused on seeing the good sides. If bad things happen to us, we are focused on the good sides and what we can learn from those events, or look at those events as a warning to better monitor our thoughts and stop them from what we do not want to experience. Just working on yourself creates the best interest you can think of.

Everything that happens is just a reflection of what has been going on in us for some time. We feel harmony when we awaken spiritually in and around us in correlation with nature. Perhaps the best word to describe an inner state is when we feel a spiritual awakening. Harmony becomes a part of us and in all around us, we find parts of that harmony through the normal everyday situations we experience. We will increasingly admire the nature around us and recognize the beauty it gives us. We will also recognize the beauty in everyday situations and see if we keep a close eye on all the progress that all humanity is going through. The direction the world is heading is positive and a growing number of people are walking in the right direction of harmony and peace, carrying them within.

Connecting with humanity and nature

By bringing harmony, we begin to feel connected to the people around us. We feel connected to known and unknown people because it is a feeling we have within ourselves that is manifested through our connection with people. Everything we carry within ourselves from beliefs, thoughts, and feelings we see all this through the events that happen to us. Although they are only the beliefs we have gained since childhood, it remains in us until we change them. With spiritual awakening, we become very aware of our thoughts and how they affect our lives and that is why we understand the importance of what we think, do and say.

Good advice on spiritual awakening

Peoples brain is occupied by conflicts and competing with others. Humans are our mirror by which we see what we hide within ourselves. Very good advice is to think of others as you would like them to think of us. This may be a guide in your thoughts and may not be easy for you at first because we are used to thinking in one way, but persistence will bring us so many benefits that we will certainly feel for a while. Look at everything you do to try to change the old pattern of behavior, it will pay off in a more comfortable and easier life in the future. A life with more joy, love, and attention that you will receive from the people around you. When you are spiritually uplifted, you will not feel lonely because people will gladly give you back all the kindness and warmth you carry within you.

We are moving away from the old pattern of behaviour and consciously opting for a new way of thinking because we have already realized the connection between thoughts and events around us.

Feel gratitude for life

Feel gratitude for life we live and see the beauty around us. We see a broader perspective and know-how to recognize why uncomfortable things happen to us that are getting smaller. We know better to calm down and switch to another mindset when we are caught by thoughts we don't want to think. We understand that life is a very good and complicated game that we have signed that we will play to grow spiritually and reach a greater level of awareness through certain events that we experience. We are more grateful for all these lessons that teach us how to grow and expand our thinking to greater levels that have not been available to us so far. From this higher level, we think differently and can recognize that we are changing following the thoughts that are part of us. That work becomes a part of us and we live that way with ease. It used to be very hard work and we thought it was impossible to listen to our minds and be aware of them, but now it has become a part of us and we do not notice that we actually notice all the time if we start thinking unnaturally and get the alarm with which we respond with lightning speed. It is a lifestyle and a natural part of us, just as the previous mind set was an automatic and natural part of us.

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