- open a video for your favorite song on YouTube and listen to what the site recommends to you based on this request
- go outside and just stand there for five minutes. if it's cold, make yourself hot chocolate. take an umbrella if it rains there.
- lie down on the floor in a place of your house where you are not very often. make strange sounds and look at the ceiling.
- if you have pets, smell them. or just sit next to them.
- go to the library and take a non-fiction book about something that you don't know anything about, but that looks interesting. read a few pages until you get bored.
- If you have a recipe book, find something that you have never been able to cook. and get it ready. challenge yourself to buy all the ingredients.
- move all furniture. change the bedding. print the pictures you like, try to decorate your workplace.
- go for a walk to a new place.

offered by starrythomas