Here is a poem I wrote for the person who broke my heart. I'm a petty bitch, sorry not sorry.


You only want me at my best
But not my best best or else I’m a threat
You had thirteen years to tell me how you feel
So tell me, at what point did it stop being real?
You had so much time and so many years
So why did texting me make you feel like a volunteer?
I never needed your help and I never needed your pity
I don’t need anyone with a heart so itty bitty
I have so many things to say
And to wait to tell them? No, this can’t wait another day

You forget that we live in a real world, not through a screen
But through a screen you get to hide the parts of you that are ever so mean
Online it’s nothing but ‘love each other’ and ‘please always be kind’
But I’m sorry, do you have a minute, do you mind?
‘Cause I’ve known you long enough to know that isn’t really you
You’re just scared of being the real you, because if everyone knew the real you what would you do?
If I deleted your accounts and threw away your phone
Would you finally admit that you are so alone?
Would you finally take good long look in the mirror
Open your eyes, and start to see the world a little bit clearer?

I wish you would stop lying to yourself and everyone around us
Stop acting like you are so cool because you know how to cuss
No one needs to know that your school schedule is super hard
Or see your endless selfies you take in your backyard
No one wants to hear about your fake depression or watch you film yourself cry
Or giving us way too many details about some random guy
Some random guy you met on the internet
You have a new one every week, is it Samuel, James, or is it now Brett?
I personally feel quite sorry for you because these guys, these men, how many have you actually met?
You love to pretend that you are choosing to be single
But the truth is, none of the boys you talk to are trying to mingle

I’m not even shaming you, I worry for your mental health
But it’s so hard to care for somebody who only cares about boys, money and wealth
You cheat all through school and act surprised now that college requires actual attention
I bet you miss all those days in middle school when I would help you cheat on tests in detention
You only want to be a doctor so that you can finally start paying your bills
But what do you know about biology, cells and pills?
You are a slave to money and think the only successful path is to work a job that you hate
Right? Because time is money and you can never ever afford to be late

I never had the courage to admit it when I was your friend
But this dream of becoming a doctor or even a nurse, it’s gotta end
I wouldn’t trust you with a secret, nevertheless, my life
Can you imagine this bitch cutting you open with a knife?
Let your guard down and take the time to admit
With you working a surgery, someone’s life would end in a split

Alright, I think I’m done roasting you for now
But I’m not done yet, I’m not quite ready to take my final bow
You really did me a grand favour by leaving
It was hard to get over you, I spent a few weeks grieving
I can’t help but wonder what made you get up and walk away
From a friendship that I truly thought was always here to stay
I really didn’t lose anything though
The minute you left I had so much more room to grow
I could finally learn to let loose and be independent
Life was so damn good I couldn’t believe how fast the time went
But you? You lost the only real friend you’ve ever had
And if I was you, I would also be really sad
To be so insecure and push away
The only person that never left you astray

And in twenty years time, when your life really sucks
You’ll be living at the same shitty house still working at Starbucks
Right then are you going to realize how much you missed out on
‘Cause you’ll be working all night while I’m out with my new friends until dawn
And I’ll them the story of this one awful friend I had in high school
We’re all gonna laugh about how for years I actually thought you were cool
They’re gonna diss you and say something really bitter
Like how you’re so broke you work part time as a babysitter
But I’m gonna stop them ‘cause by then I’ll be through with you
Working my dream job as a writer, living with my boo
A baby on the way, living in Malibu

I’ll them to stop though, ‘cause I never want to be like you
My goal in life isn’t to overwork myself, live online or give into society
Trust me, honey, that shit will give you major anxiety
So let me save you now because I still care
First, lose that ugly ass hair
Second, put down your phone, make some real friends, keep some things to yourself
If you keep going down this dangerous road, you’ll never love yourself
Even though you tell everyone to show themselves a little self love
I think you’re the one who needs some help from above.