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As you now, I'm a hard core Swiftie and I saw a post on Instagram about the stage of what would have been the Lover Fest by Taylor Swfit and friends, and I said I have to do it, i have to create what Lover Fest would have been like.

Let's do this.

13, gif, and snake image
I think the tour would start with the snake turning into butterflies from the Me! music video
I don't know how the songs would be arranged but pretty iconic, obviously.
13, Taylor Swift, and lover era image 13, Taylor Swift, and lover era image 13, Taylor Swift, and american music awards image 13, Taylor Swift, and lover era image
graphics and set scenario would be something like this, maybe the piano would been pink like the guitar also lots of rainbow, gray pride, cats, flowers, pastel colors and in the pic that I saw on Instagram the stadium would have a big heart in the center
dance, guitar, and red image 13, Taylor Swift, and lover era image Image by Ren ♕ fashion, aesthetic, and era image aesthetic, era, and hair image concert, dress, and favourite image
These are some of my favorites outfits from the lover era, tho the las pic is from the Rep stadium tour but I think it fits very well i here too, she love her suits and one piece outfits, of course lots of glitter and sparkles.
Couture, dress, and dresses image Couture, fall, and alice mccall image Image by Private User Image by tenderlygirl
these are amazing, Taylor at some point always wear a really sparkly one or two piece.
yellow, aesthetic, and theme image fashion, pink, and suit image fashion and purple image beautiful, body, and girls image
obviously for The Man and also I think the suits would have something written on them.
pink, fashion, and butterfly image fashion, pink, and red image fashion, rainbow, and aesthetic image colorful, colors, and fashion image
Also I think we would saw something really fun and colorful full of rainbows, hearts, butterflies and cats.
fashion, shoes, and vintage image shoes, boots, and fashion image aesthetic, alternative, and boots image aesthetic, boots, and shoes image
Boots, especially like these, I love them so much.
Inspiring Image on We Heart It converse, shoes, and style image Image removed aesthetic, archive, and fashion image
I think we would saw pastel snickers like these.
necklace, fashion, and butterfly image butterfly, rings, and pink image pink, rings, and jewelry image colorful, necklace, and cute image
and a lot of accesories.
Doing this was so fun, of course I love Folklore and Evermore but that tour it was going to be amazing.

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Love, Val