If you investigate how the life of the most successful people in the world is, you’ll see that they have some habits in common, doesn’t matter what they are specialized in.

All those people recommend including in your routine those activities to improve your life and achieve all your goals.

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Reading is taking care of your health. What's more, about 20 minutes of reading has the same benefits as a yoga class.

Generates dopamine (relaxation + pleasure).
Help when making decisions.
Stops cognitive decline.
Reduces stress…

Those are some benefits of the simple act of taking a book and reading. Also, it will improve your general culture and your imagination.

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All CEO’s have this habit in their daily routines. It actually feels incredible to be awaken before the rest of the world, and spend that time doing stuff that you know others will have to do later.

It’s a struggle at first, but it’ll be worth it.

A tip to wake up at the first time your alarm rings, is to put your alarm clock in somewhere of your room where you need to get out of bed to turn it off. Do your bed and open the windows, too.


One way to increase your general culture and knowledge is to learn something every day. Without pretense we already learn from our actions, but we must also put our conscience on it.

Learning ideas:
• A new word of the dictionary
• One expression in another language
• The name of a city and a bit of the culture
• One myth or legend

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We normally have a lot of thoughts in our head during the day, and it’s completely fine, but we need to stop overthinking to be productive.

The method that successful people use is to have 15 minutes every day to think about them. It could be by writing, talking to others about them or maybe just thinking them.

The most recommended one is writing: if you put all your feelings on a paper, you could forget them the rest of the day.

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Exercise is so important that every successful people do it. Not for your perfect body, to lose or gain weight, just for take care of themselves.

Some benefits are: improvement of self-esteem, improves flexibility, reduces tension, improves mood…

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I have to say that doing all those activities during your day isn’t a guarantee of success. You must work hard every day and believe in yourself. Then, you’ll succeed.

Which of these habits are you going to include in your routine?

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