hi hi hi! i saw this group tag and wanted to do one for a long time but didn't find one for a group that i stan. but today i found the ateez one so finally lets go go go!



1.first song I listened to?

kpop, say my name, and ateez image kpop and ateez image
Say my name

2.first bias?

kpop, selca, and san image ateez, kpop, and san image
choi san

3. current bias?

park seonghwa, kim hongjoong, and ateez image park seonghwa, kim hongjoong, and ateez image
seonghwa & hongjoong

4. bias wrecker(s)?

wooyoung and ateez image wooyoung and ateez image

5. favorite song(s)?

ateez image san, wooyoung, and yunho image
win - utopia - desire - the leaders - to the beat - pirate king (all of their b-sides tbh!!)

6. favorite music video(s)?

wonderland, 에이티즈, and ateez image ateez, illusion, and 에이티즈 image
wonderland & illusion

7. favorite album?

aesthetic, kpop, and merch image kim hongjoong, ateez, and ateez fever image
fever pt. 1

8. favorite rapper?

song mingi, 에이티즈, and kim hongjoong image
top10 best rap lines no doubt

9. favorite dancer?

fireworks, stage, and yunho image seonghwa, ateez, and kpop image
seonghwa (unpopular opinion here it goes - everyone knows this man is an all rounder but we don't pay enough attention to his dancing)

10. favorite friendship?

yunho, jeong yunho, and mingi image kpop, yunho, and jeong yunho image
yungi today, yungi tomorrow, yungi 4ever

11. favorite era(s)?

zero_to_one, 에이티즈, and ateez image hala hala, ateez, and kpop image
HALA HALA (all hail to halateez)

12. favorite choreography?

goth, ateez, and black cat nero image cd, png, and ateez image
black cat nero - catchy catchy music and coreo

13. funniest member?

meme, jeong yunho, and ateez image low quality, meme, and jeong yunho image

14.hottest member?

asian, black and white, and boy image aesthetic, kpop, and cute image red, yunho, and ateez image cool, edit, and icons image
seongjoong (idc!! hot is their surname)

15.cutest member?

aesthetic, blond hair, and kpop image baby, brown hair, and icon image
jongho (and i am ready to fight whoever disagrees)

16. member you're most similar to?

hongjoong and ateez image hongjoong and ateez image
hongjoong (two short tempered scorpios in a room, they may fight)

17. member you'd want as a brother?

kang yeosang, ateez, and 에이티즈 image kang yeosang, ateez, and 에이티즈 image
yeosang (sang and me would make a interesting introverts sibling duo)

18. member you'd want as a roommate?

에이티즈, jeong yunho, and ateez image 에이티즈, jeong yunho, and ateez image
yunho (just to cuddle with him, play fifa and laugh all night

19. member you'd go on late-night adventures with?

ateez, song mingi, and 에이티즈 image ateez, song mingi, and 에이티즈 image
mingi (100% the type of friend to call you at 2am to go get icecream)

20. member you'd go on a date with?

icon, wallpaper, and wooyoung image aesthetic, kpop, and treasure image
wooyoung (hes romantic af)

21. member you'd marry?

ateez, prince, and park seonghwa image prince, park seonghwa, and vocal image
seonghwa (we are already married, wdym?)

22. why'd you stan?

fever and ateez image ateez, kpop, and atiny image
an oomf on tt was head over heels about a guy named seonghwa and looking at his videos i grew curious and went on to search about him. somehow i ended up in the smn mv AND INSTANTANEOUSLY KNEW I WAS IN LOVE, they were just my style and i became a atiny short after they 1st online concert. Im on my way to becoming a 1year old atiny yey!


this was way more fun to do than i expected!!

gif, yunho, and ateez image