hey, welcome in my article ! today i will share with you the best songs to listen late in the night all alone in your bed.

☾ kehlani, “toxic”

music, toxic, and kehlani image aesthetic, cyber, and ghetto image

☾ her, “lights on”

h.e.r image her, music, and rnb image

☾ summer walker & a boogie wit da hoodie, “stretch you out”

fashion, model, and summer walker image billboard, magazine, and over it image

☾ ella mai & her, “gut feeling”

aesthetic, hair, and ella mai image Image by samanda

☾ tory lanez & chris brown, “the take”

photography inspiration, art aesthetic alternative, and indie vintage boho tumblr image breezy, chris brown, and cb image

☾ kehlani, “can you blame me”

fashion, girl, and jacket image aesthetic and kehlani image

☾ ella mai & chris brown, "whatchamacallit"

Image by bluestarxxx bae, couple, and couples image

☾ tory lanez, “lady of neptune”

photography inspiration, girls girl boys boy, and art aesthetic alternative image tory lanez image

☾ her, “avenue”

aesthetic, black women, and celebs image music, aesthetic, and album image

☾ the weeknd, “call out my name”

artist, hip hop, and italian image abel, the weeknd, and abel tesfaye image

☾ summer walker, “deeper”

beauty, girls, and hair image summer walker image

☾ the weeknd, “often”

black and white, music, and addictive image black and white, often, and lip biting image

☾ kehlani & tory lanez, “can i”

tory lanez and kehlani image flower, photography, and skin image

☾ ella mai, “run my mouth”

aesthetic, beauty, and outfit image pink, haïr, and ella mai image

☾ her & yg, “slide”

yg and kehlani image aesthetic, fall, and baddie image

☾ kehlani, “valentine’s day (shameful)”

yg and kehlani image black, couple, and dress image

☾ summer walker, “karma”

Image by Private User album, black, and blue image

☾ her, “i won’t”

beauty, fashion, and celebrities image black, girl, and hair image

☾ kehlani & james blake, “grieving”

kehlani image music and kehlani image

☾ tory lanez & the-dream, “luv ya gyal // love song”

nigga, photoshop, and tory lanez image boy, luv, and say it image
thank you so much for reading. stay tuned for part 2!

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