keep in mind this is all my opinion, and in no way associated with anything Lana has ever said about the song.
this song to me is like a note to her future self, the successful and blooming person she dreams to be, although having everything you want is completely ephemeral, and comes with the realization everything must end someday, which here indicates her youth and beauty as the only thing she believes to be of any importance to those around her. she realizes that although she can use her beauty to mask her pain for now, it wonโ€™t always be that way, and she yearns to know who honestly loves her and who doesnโ€™t. when growing into who you are and becoming someone of a higher caliber, itโ€™s easy to be surrounded by yes-men and people who only pretend to care about you for their own benefit. Lana uses references of summertime (โ€œhot summer nights, mid-julyโ€) to represent the nostalgia she has of being so young, naive and in a rush to move onto bigger and better things without acknowledging the heartbreak and loneliness that comes with fame.
the second verse seems to me like a recollective memory of an ex-flame sheโ€™s still deeply in love with, as the form of affection sheโ€™s used to being shown is much less, and they make her feel special and as though they genuinely care for her. when she states the partner as having an electric soul, she may be referencing the idiom โ€œwhen sparks flyโ€, having a similar meaning of someone being in love, their souls may have intertwined, but not enough for Lana to deem his love unconditional.