getting to know my ults is kind of a way to get to know me too sooo let's go go go!!!


kang younghyun - - 93 line / stage name - young k / band - DAY6

black and white, day6, and photoshoot image black and white, day6, and photoshoot image
this man is my husband no joke!! but seriously now, he can do ANYTHING, a multi talented king, please don' go to the military service i beg you

kim jiwon - - 95 line / stage name - bobby / group - iKON

bobby, Ikon, and kim jiwon image bobby, Ikon, and kpop image
top 1 best rapper in the industry, biggest 'looks like could kill you, is a cinnamon roll', eye smile, even though our relationship had ups and downs we're still sun & moon

park seonghwa & kim hongjoong - - 98 line / group - ATEEZ

ateez, park seonghwa, and seonghwa image ateez, hongjoong, and kim hongjoong image
debating on ulting them since the beginning, im weak for the 'mom and dad' chemistry, oddly my personality is a mix of theirs

lee jeno - - 00 line / group - NCT

blue, boys, and candid image blue, kpop, and neon lights image
i am so proud of his growth, my lil prince, we both like to take our time away from this mess of world

han jisung - - 00 line / stage name - han / group - STRAY KIDS

clio, hq, and lq image stray kids, han jisung, and kpop image
i've never cried so much for someone like i cried during his hiatus, we need to talk more about jisung all rounder, master of making me laugh

seo woobin - - 00 line / group - CRAVITY

kpop, starship entertainment, and cravity image wallpaper, kpop, and starship entertainment image
vocals from heaven, a cutie, but fierce too, im soft for everything he does, underrated, dad jokes for days, ma boi can't seeee

sohn youngjae - - 00 line / stage name - eric / group - THE BOYZ

magazine, scan, and tbz image dazed, the boyz, and eric sohn image
I made a promise to not ult anyone else but them BOOM he came, his lives are my refuge, radiates big boyfriend material vibes, also underrated


looking at the list rn i see two clear paths, my ults are mostly rappers and 00 liners lol. that's it, hope to not change the list too much, 8 ults are much more than enough