hello guys! I saw an article today and it looked fun to do so let's go.
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1.first song I listened to?

Pirate king
gif, yunho, and ateez image aesthetic, flag, and kpop image

2.first bias?

San, Mingi
ateez, choi san, and san image kpop, lq, and mingi image

3. current bias?

San, Mingi, Wooyoung
baby boy, icons, and idols image kpop, mingi, and ateez image kpop, wooyoung, and ateez image

4. bias wrecker(s)?

Wooyoung until he became one of my biases lol but I love them all so much!
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5. favorite song(s)?

Answer, Mist, Hala Hala, Wonderland, The leaders, Pirate king, Say my name, Thanxx, I'm the one, Inception (ATEEZ don't have any bad songs!!!!)
ateez and choi san image kpop, mingi, and seonghwa image

6. favorite music video(s)?

Inception, Hala Hala, Wonderland, Answer, Thanxx, say my name (i love them all but these are my favorites)
gif, yunho, and ateez image answer, san, and choi san image gif, ateez, and kpop image gif, kpop gif, and ateez image

7. favorite album?

aesthetic, kpop, and merch image aesthetic, kpop, and merch image aesthetic, kpop, and merch image aesthetic, album, and collection image

8. favorite rapper?

song mingi, 에이티즈, and kim hongjoong image song mingi, 에이티즈, and kim hongjoong image

9. favorite dancer?

gif, ateez, and san image gif, ateez, and san image

10. favorite friendship?

ateez, jung wooyoung, and woosan image jung wooyoung, woosan, and 에이티즈 image

11. favorite era(s)?

Hala Hala, Answer
zero_to_one, 에이티즈, and naver image answer, ateez answer, and kpop image

12. favorite choreography?

answer, san, and choi san image gif, yunho, and dance practice image gif, ateez, and ateez gif image gif, yunho, and ateez image

13. funniest member?

funny, kpop, and meme image funny, kpop, and purple hair image

14.hottest member?

aesthetic, indie, and kpop image yunho, ot8, and ateez image

15.cutest member?

kpop, pout, and preview image boys, details, and san image

16. member you're most similar to?

kpop, mingi, and lq image mingi, ateez, and song mingi image

17. member you'd want as a brother?

jeong yunho, ateez, and 에이티즈 image jeong yunho, ateez, and kang yeosang image

18. member you'd want as a roommate?

kpop, ateez, and boy image wooyoung, jung wooyoung, and ateez image

19. member you'd go on late-night adventures with?

aesthetic, icons, and kpop image aesthetic, details, and eboy image

20. member you'd go on a date with?

icons, cyber, and messy image ateez, san, and kpop image

21. member you'd marry?

So many choices for San lmao
san, ateez, and kpop image k-pop, mingi, and seonghwa image

22. why'd you stan?

I first got into kpop back in 2011 and my first group to stan was Shinee, and throughout the years I had more groups to stan like NCT, Seventeen, Ikon(for a while), Stray kids, and when I first found out about ATEEZ, I just had to stan them! they aren't like other idols and groups, I literally fell in love at first sight and I am so happy to know about them and stan them.
aesthetic, mingi, and seonghwa image

This was very fun to make!