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The Olympians were a race of deities, primarily consisting of the third and fourth generation of immortal beings, worshipped as the principal gods of the Greek Pantheon and so named because of their residency atop Mount Olympus. They where twelve in total.


boys, models, and black boy magic image aesthetic, lightning, and man image beach, boy, and dark image Image by Vicky Pérez gods and old image aesthetic, aesthetics, and hands image clouds, sky, and aesthetic image aesthetic, soft, and header image
The god of the heavens, lightning and thunder that maintains order and justice


beat, ocean, and sea image aesthetic, orlando bloom, and will turner image boy, water, and indie image horse and black image light, water, and bubbles image Inspiring Image on We Heart It illusion, surreal, and underwater image sky, moon, and ocean image
The god of the seas, oceans, storms, lakes and horses


dark, black, and fog image Harry Styles, one direction, and sign of the times image candle and mirror image eyes, eye, and theme image beauty, nature, and photography image theme, dark, and rp image ae and sb image dark and dog image
The god of the underworld and the dead souls


medusa, art, and snake image beautiful, decorated, and gold image love., beauty., and pink&white. image Image by tenderly architecture, places, and travel image owl, nature, and animal image aesthetic, art, and theme image dark academia image
The goddess of wisdom, the arts, intelligence and war


aesthetic, metal, and valdez image aesthetic, dirty, and fix image aesthetic, Build, and fire image Image by {V} Image by {V} Image by {V} vintage image Image by ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
The god of fire, metals and metallurgy


Inspiring Image on We Heart It pen, ink, and writing image map, travel, and world image wings, feather, and angel image Letter, aesthetic, and vintage image money, old, and wallpaper image flowers, sky, and airplane image letters, Letter, and vintage image
The god of eloquence, hermeneutics, communications, travel, commerce, thieves, and guide the souls of the dead to the kingdom of Hades


hair, aesthetic, and blonde image aesthetic image Image by Joanna rose image aesthetic, green, and nature image food, FRUiTS, and kitchen image fitness, food, and health image aesthetic, demeter, and demigods image
The goddess of harvest, agriculture and seasons


food, medieval, and soup image Image by the Authoress bread and food image honey, food, and sweet image kitchen and vintage image country life, perfect, and eggs image cool, staircase, and stairs image grunge, beautiful, and vintage image
The virgin goddess of home, fireplace, architecture, domestic life, family and state


bath, relax, and selflove image accessories, decor, and countertop image animals, nature, and ocean image archive and theme image beach, pale, and water image Image by tenderly theme and pink image aesthetic, flowers, and mirror image
The goddess of love, beauty and sex


clouds, sun, and sky image abstract, art, and beige image Inspiring Image on We Heart It moon, sun, and aesthetic image rome image art, beautiful, and sun image beautiful, hands, and harp image aesthetic, statue, and couple image
The god of the Sun, light, music, poetry, bow and arrow, male beauty, perfection, harmony, balance and reason


armor, helmet, and lord of the rings image Image by larksings ivan aivazovsky image swords image Image by tenderly fire and smoke image angel, Angel Wings, and blood image blood, death, and drown image
The god of violent war, killing and bloodlust


aesthetic, autumn, and dark image moon and light image deer, nature, and animal image aesthetic, archer, and beauty image fairycore image forest, green, and trees image arrows, Legolas, and bow image animal, beautiful, and disney image
The goddess of hunting, moon, wildlife and chastity


fruit, food, and grapes image aesthetic, alcohol, and alternative image red, aesthetic, and girl image caravaggio, art, and fruit image drunk, grunge, and funny image aesthetic, wine, and red image aesthetic image drink and wine image
The god of life cycles, festivals, wine, theater and religious rites


colorful, peacock, and feathers image Image by mattamanga dress, fashion, and flowers image peacock, white, and animal image bride and wedding image me, miley cyrus, and selena gomez image gold, necklace, and aesthetic image Image by Jackie
The queen of the gods, and patron of conjugal fidelity
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