In todays article, ill be showing you what type of aesthetic I think fits each of the members of BTS, Along with the personality type, and music/shows think they'd like. P L E A S E Keep in mind that this is all based off of opinion, and this is not researched information, so if you have a different opinion, or disagree with what im saying, please just keep in mind that this is just what I as a person think. Otherwise, enjoy reading!!!

#1--- SUGA
Shows~ Greys Anatomy, Criminal Minds, Forensic Files
Music~ Travis Scott, MTS, Eminem, Maybe some Ariana Grade at times
Aesthetic~ Dark, Tech, Grunge

aesthetic, dark, and black image dark, rose, and skeleton image black, aesthetic, and hands image archive, aesthetic, and dark image

#2--- HOBI
Shows- What Would You Do?, Arrow, Anime, She-Ra ;-;
Music- Halsey, Ashnikko, Tyler The Creator, Harry Styles
Aesthetic~ KidsCore, Indie, BrightCore

aesthetic, game, and kawaii image aesthetic, background, and kidcore image Temporarily removed Temporarily removed

Shows- Animes, Atypical, TVD, Glee
Music~ Keshi, 1D, Harry Styles, Dua Lipa
Aesthetic~ Soft grunge, Soft, LightCore

blue, flowers, and aesthetic image cry, sad, and grunge image flowers, aesthetic, and sky image angel, aesthetic, and grunge image

Shows- Euphoria, Greys Anatomy, Money Hiest, Stranger Things
Music~ NCT, Ariana Grande, Billie Eilish, Jay Park
Aesthetic~ Ethereal, RoyalCore, HeavenCore

aesthetic, boho, and crystals image aesthetic, boho, and crystals image aesthetic, boho, and crystals image aesthetic, flowers, and blue image

#5--- TAE
Shows- Breaking Bad, Criminal minds, The Flash, Im not okay with this
Music- Billie Eilish, Monsta X, Tate McRea, Frank Ocean
Aesthetic~ Warm, Cozy, Home-y, FuzzyCore

sky, yellow, and clouds image mirror, gold, and aesthetic image cup, coffee, and drink image bedroom, home, and room image

#6--- RM
Shows- The 100, Lucifer, Scarface, Peaky Blinders
Music- SZA, 5SOS, Arctic Monkeys
Aesthetic- Dark Academia, ProfessorCore

aesthetic, gold, and horoscope image aesthetic, gold, and museum image book, vintage, and aesthetic image aesthetic and dark academia image

Shows-B99, The Office, She-Ra, Stranger things
Music, frank ocean, Tally Hall, Paramore, Bruno Mars
Aesthetic-- JinCore, Light, pink, softCore.

soft and pink image aesthetic, food, and filter image Image removed Image removed

You made it to the end of the article!!!! Thank you so much for reading, once again this is all just my opinion, and does not directly relate or define the members of BTS! Other then that I hope you have a great rest of your day/night!!!!! Buh Bye :)