hello everyone!
I took a long break again because of school...but I will try to post more!

❦ aries - devilish

black, colors, and dark image aesthetic, dark, and red image

❦ taurus - okay

grunge, smoke, and cigarette image city, tumblr, and aesthetic image

❦ gemini - phases

Image by s є m p i t є r n a l adventure, landscape, and Lyrics image

❦ cancer - friends

couple, love, and neon image photography, alternative, and city image

❦ leo - into it

boy, grunge, and pale image Inspiring Image on We Heart It

❦ virgo - drugs&money

Abusive image aesthetic, alternative, and black and white image

❦ libra - swim

city, purple, and light image girl, smoke, and lesbian image

❦ scorpio - ozone

red, car, and aesthetic image grunge, aesthetic, and edgy image

❦ sagittarius - right here

Image by 🧡 medicine, pharmacy, and buyprescriptiondrugs image

❦ capricorn - empty

red, aesthetic, and girl image aesthetic, fire, and kiss image

❦ aquarius - slow down

red, hands, and aesthetic image badass, chase atlantic, and black image

❦ pisces - her

Abusive image drunk, girl, and lily rose depp image


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