I feel so sorry for the new generation.

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Lately I have come across some toxic videos and images in Instagram and TikTok. Normally, I would shrug it off and go on with my day. But the past few weeks have become too much for me to handle.

Let me show you what I mean:

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These images are prime example of the "it girl" phenomenon on social media nowadays.

I can't stress this enough: this is not how most of us live, should live or would want to live. You don't have to wake up at 5 am every morning to workout, make an over-the-top healthy breakfast and make a luxurious coffee before you can start your day successfully. If this would be the norm in society, everyone would crumble out of misery and self doubt.

Don't get me wrong, these images and videos are great to look at, aesthetically wise and I have respect for those actually living this lifestyle. But it becomes problematic when others feel bad about their own lifestyle.

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I haven't even started on the perfect notes I see everywhere on Instagram. The truth is, the people creating these perfect note-taking images probably aren't perfect students at all. Aesthetically pleasing notes take forever to create, taking away precious time for actual study. Messy notes might just do the job for you too!

Remember, life can be about the small moments in the morning, the first sip of coffee or the stretches in yoga. Though this doesn't have to be the case! Don't feel guilty of not having an Instagram worthy morning, or notes for school. You're an it girl anyways!

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Stay strong in these tiring times.


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