heart, hologram, and pink image art, gradient, and header image archive image background, flowers, and green image
This concept will be based around the early 2000's mcbling era and the colors baby pink and baby blue
aesthetic, alternative, and emo image fashion, pink, and bratz image 2000s, aesthetic, and body image aesthetic, girl, and kpop image
the clothing for this concept will be a lot of mini skirts and cropped tees\baby tees
blue, eyeliner, and makeup image makeup, pink, and aesthetic image Image by littlefridd makeup image
for the makeup, i'm thinking graphic liner and maybe some cut creases with bold lashes.
wonder girls, sunmi, and girl image wg image yenny, yeeun, and why so lonely image gg, kpop, and wonder girls image
music: sweet & easy by wonder girls, Gossip girl by rainbow, I love you by 2ne1, boy by EXID
aesthetic, kpop, and mv image
stay tuned for more articles <3